Christmas Beanie Hat Knitting Pattern

knitted beanie hat

knitted beanie hat


This lovely stripey woolly hat pattern covers child and adult sizes. Make your own today!



4mm circular knitting needles

50g double knit yarn in red

50g double knit yarn in white

Stitch marker


Darning needle


K = Knit

K2TOG – Knit two stitches together.



Cast on 80 (adult size) for a child cast on 72

Place a stitch marker at the join and be careful not to twist.

Begin with the red yarn and knit every round until it measures 1 inch. Then cut yarn and tie white yarn to begin next stripe. Each stripe measures 1 inch.

When hat measures 11 inches from cast on edge (adult) or 10 inches (child) start to decrease.

Decrease – Round 1 – K2TOG

Repeat the decrease until you can no longer work in the round.

Cut the yarn and leaving a 7-inch tail, using your darning needle, threading through remaining stitches, pull tight and secure top of hat. Then weave in all ends.

Pom Pom

Add a pom pom to the top of the hat, stitching into place.


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