7 Simple Ways to Fight Colds and Flu

honey, lemon, honeycomb and a cup of tea isolated on white

It’s that season again – and it brings with it constant coughing, nose blowing, and aching bodies. Don’t worry, there are ways to survive the winter without feeling like you want to sleep through it. We give you some top tips to help you fight colds and flu.


valupack effervescent vitamin c tablets - pharmacy first
valupack effervescent vitamin c tablets – pharmacy first

Increase your Vitamin C

Vitamin C will help your immune system to fight back, so be sure to take in lots of it, whether that’s in the form of a drink, vitamin tablets, or food. Oranges are full of vitamin C, so fill up your fruit bowl and make the next couple of days more bearable. Too much hassle to peel them? A cold glass of fresh orange juice will also the trick.



honey drizzler - marks and spencer
honey drizzler – marks and spencer

Drink a lot of warm beverages

If you’re suffering from a sore throat, drink lots of warm drinks. While you may stick to your usual tea and coffee, try a honey and lemon drink. It’s a natural alternative to pharmaceutical products and you probably already have the ingredients in your cupboards. Simply mix in a tablespoon of honey and a quarter of a squeezed lemon into a cup of warm water and you’re good to go.


bernadotte slim crystal tumbler - english abode
bernadotte slim crystal tumbler – english abode

Gargle salt and warm water 4 times daily

Another way to provide instant relief for throat pain is by gargling a teaspoon of salt mixed into a cup of warm water every few hours. Be warned, it does not have a taste that you’ll enjoy, but it will help soothe your sore throat!



Have a steamy shower

Steamy showers help to clear your sinuses, and you’ll often feel much better after taking one. If you feel too weak to take an actual shower, try shutting the door and any windows in the room, turn the shower heat up until it begins to steam, and sit on a toilet or chair for your own personal steam room. If you have access to a proper steam room, such as in a gym, it may be worth using that.


Brita Elemaris Water Filter Jug - John Lewis
Brita Elemaris Water Filter Jug – John Lewis

Remain hydrated

You might find the taste of water never feels quite right when you’re ill, but don’t let this stop you from getting the recommended two litres a day. It’s even more important to drink water when you’re suffering with a cold, so try your best to drink those eight glasses of water.


Carry sanitiser around with you

If you have no choice but to be out and about, make sure you carry around a hand sanitiser composed of at least 60% alcohol. This will limit the amount of germs you spread and be considerate of others. A worthy tip not only for when you already have a cold, but also for before and after.


Wilkin  Sons Acacia Honey - Waitrose
Wilkin Sons Acacia Honey – Waitrose

Have a tablespoon of honey to ease a sore throat

Forget a spoonful of sugar, another way of soothing a grating throat is to swallow a tablespoon of honey. It’s simple, natural, and best of all, it works to ease the uncomfortable situation! You can also try soothing lozenges available over the counter.


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