Delicious Snacks Without the Guilt with Graze: Get TWO boxes FREE!

graze free box



A healthy body starts from within so why not replace your usual naughty treats for something a lot healthier from graze?

With a graze subscription you’ll get access to all the newest snacks created by their taste experts and approved by their nutritionist. There are no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, they arrive ready to enjoy in portion controlled punnets and every, single snack has a nutritionist-approved badge.

Select your choice of four snacks from the selection of over a 100 and they’ll be handpicked just for you. Each four punnet box costs just £3.99 and is delivered directly to your door. You can cancel your subscription at any time through your graze account on the website. Why not hop over and discover a new favourite today and enjoy guilt-free, healthy snacking?

Subscribe to graze today and get your first and your fifth boxes absolutely free! 






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