Accessorise Your Home With January Blues

pretty pansy vase - anthropologie

With the major holidays all over and a new year beginning, we’re all feeling slightly deflated. Pull yourself out of the January Blues with some of our favourite accessories in our favourite colour of the month – blue!   Treat yourself to this Magnolia Blossom Gift Set from Debenhams Flowers, starting from £31.99. Made up of roses, Read More

5 Tips to Create the Perfect Feature Wall

du vin blan extraordinaire by forney - artrepublic

Creating the perfect feature wall is no easy task. But when done right, the results will amaze you and everyone who walks through your home. Here, we bring you some of our best tips for fashioning a sophisticated and stunning feature wall.   Choose carefully Before you begin the transformation of ordinary wall to feature Read More

The Future’s Bright, The Future’s Upcycling

sarah turner eco art designs - remade in britain

  According to the Young People’s Trust for the Environment, more than 280 million tonnes of waste is produced in the UK each year, but new retail site Remade in Britain aims to turn the UK’s throw away society into an upcycling one instead. Launched in November 2014 with over 300 upcycling retailers registered, Remade Read More

Show Off in Style: How to Display Accessories the Right Way

gilded photo frames - the original gift company

It’s all well and good having accessories throughout the house, but how can you create a gorgeous display feature without making it look cluttered or out of place? We give you some simple but effective tips to help you create displays you’ll love.   Clash your colours While this would usually be a big no Read More