From the Bookcase: The Upholsterer’s Step-by-Step Handbook by Alex Law

the upholsterer's step by step handbook alex law

    If you love a project but find the thought of trying a full furniture restoration too much to bear, this fabulous guide to reupholstering is just what you need. In The Upholsterer’s Step-by-Step Handbook, author Alex Law provides a full, informative guide to making over furniture using both traditional and modern methods. Chapter Read More

From the Bookcase: Mini Knitted Safari by Sachiyo Ishii

mini knitted safari by sachiyo ishii

  Former money broker turned knitting designer Sachiyo Ishii shares yet another marvellous book of 27 projects in her book Mini Knitted Safari. Mini Knitted Safari (by Search Press) shows knitters of all abilities how they can create a mini safari scene of their own. The basic knitting techniques are covered at the beginning of Read More

From the Bookcase: Old-Time Farmhouse Cooking by Barbara Swell

old-time farmhouse cooking barbara swell

  Barbara Swell once more shares her dedicated research into the lives in days long gone with Old-Time Farmhouse Cooking: Rural American Recipes and Farm Lore.  Another delightful paperback to add to your collection of historical cookery books, this nostalgic step back in time not only shares the recipes from a ‘make do and mend’ Read More

From the Bookcase: Children at the Hearth by Barbara Swell

children at the hearth barbara swell

  Barbara Swell once again treats us to a glimpse of life from days long gone in Children at the Hearth.  Delve into childhoods of the 19th century with the tales of folklore and anecdotes of old. The recipes throughout the book provide an insight into the challenges families faced. See how children played, learn Read More

From the Bookcase: Knitted Rabbits by Val Pierce


  If you love knitting toys to gift or keep, you will adore this release by Search Press. Knitted Rabbits by Val Pierce takes you through 20 gorgeous bunny patterns for every level of knitter. Choose from quick projects such as finger puppets and egg cosies, bunnies you can hold in the palm of your hand Read More

From the Bookcase: Decorative Knots by Kat Hartmann

decorative knots kat hartmann

  If you thought macrame was dead it’s time to think again! Kat Hartmann re-introduces this fabulous craft in Decorative Knots: 18 Macrame Projects (Search Press). A guide to the tools required provides the reader with the basic kit needed to carry out the projects on the following pages. The projects are introduced by a Read More

From the Bookcase: Fitness Gourmet by Christian Coates

fitness gourmet christian coates

  Food coach realist and personal trainer Christian Coates created award-winning healthy food delivery consultancy – a gourmet diet delivery service – straight to those who wanted to eat well and look good. Fitness Gourmet: Delicious Recipes for Peak Performance (published by Jacqui Small) brings the reader a range of mouthwatering recipes which they can adapt Read More

From the Bookcase: Paper Only by The Papered Parlour

paper only the papered parlour

  Claire Heafford and Louise Hall began creative workshops and craft events with The Papered Parlour to encourage participants to craft, create and make. The Papered Parlour’s debut book Paper Only (Pavilion) now enables anyone, anywhere, to get creative with paper. Paper Only begins with a brief intro and a guide to the basic kit required, before Read More

From the Bookcase: The Picnic Cookbook by Laura Mason

the picnic cookbook laura mason

    With summer now well and truly on the way (we hope!), it’s time to turn our thoughts to long and lazy picnics. Food historian and writer Laura Mason shares her favourite picnic recipes in her new book The Picnic Cookbook (Pavilion). Available in hardback, The Picnic Cookbook features a wide variety of recipes Read More

From the Bookcase: Take a Tea Towel by Jemima Schlee

take a tea towel jemima schlee

  Who would have thought that the humble tea towel could be transformed into a number of fabulous projects? Craft magazine contributor Jemima Schlee demonstrates how you too can create one of 16 projects quickly and simply using basic materials and a little know-how in Take a Tea Towel: 16 Beautiful Projects for your Home Read More