The Future’s Bright, The Future’s Upcycling

sarah turner eco art designs - remade in britain

  According to the Young People’s Trust for the Environment, more than 280 million tonnes of waste is produced in the UK each year, but new retail site Remade in Britain aims to turn the UK’s throw away society into an upcycling one instead. Launched in November 2014 with over 300 upcycling retailers registered, Remade Read More

How to Make Large Rooms Feel Cosier

Illuminated interior. Vector illustration.

  Large rooms are great to have but the expanse of space can create its own problems. Making a large room feel cosy without overcluttering means choosing the right kind of furniture, colour schemes and accessories – although you can be slightly more daring if you choose. If your home provides you with a huge but far from Read More

The Psychology of Colours: The Effects that Different Colours Have on your Mood

oil paints

    The idea that colour may have some sort of bearing on your mood is not just something that has been peddled by modern psychologists. As a matter of fact, even ancient cultures like the Chinese and the Egyptians seemed to think that there was some truth to this suggestion and consequently practiced some Read More

The Light Effect: Fantastic Lighting Solutions for Every Room

row of light bulbs

    When it comes to lighting up your home every single room has its own characteristics. The bedrooms and living room demand soft lighting that help you to relax while the kitchen and home office require functional lights that allow you to see what you are doing. Moreover, it is always advisable to go Read More

Get the Look: 30 Ways to Create the Shabby Chic Look in Your Home

white old interior

  Achieving the ultimate shabby chic look is an almost endless process that calls for an artistic mind that is able to convert even the most battered of items into something beautiful. That said; if you are having a bit of trouble deciding what to keep and what to throw out here are a few Read More