How to Make a No-Knit Hot Water Bottle Cover



Dig out an old jumper and give a tired hot water bottle a fresh new look with our no-knit tutorial.


Hot water bottle

Paper / pen

Jumper – from the charity shop



Sewing machine



Place your hot water bottle onto the paper and draw around to make a template. Add a 1-inch seam allowance.


no knit hot water bottle cover


Cut the paper template out and pin to your jumper.

Cut the template out.

Stitch the edging of the funnel neckpieces – so both have a neat edge.

Cut a trim from the neck of the jumper to use in the back piece.

The back piece of the hot water bottle is made up of 3 separate pieces. This is to allow an opening so you can easily place your hot water bottle in and out of the cover. You will have a top piece, stitched to a decorative neck edge and the third piece.




Stitch the top back piece to the decorative edge.

Pin front side and back pieces together with right sides facing.

Stitch around the top sections, then the bottom sections.

When you turn the right side out, you can see that the opening allows the hot water bottle to fit easily inside.




Place your hot water bottle inside and be cosy!


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