Make It: Design Your Own Mug

hand designed mugs pic


Personalise a mug to make a fantastic gift or pour your creativity into making your own hand-designed collection for your home.  These mugs are great fun to make – whether you love classic patterns, pop-culture references, quirky sketches or elaborate designs.


You Will Need:

  • A porcelain pen
  • A set of plain mugs
  • An oven




Step 1

Decide what design you want to choose and sketch on paper until you’re feeling confident drawing it.  Now, using your porcelain pen draw your design directly onto your mug.  Simple designs work really well, as do repeating patterns, but also feel free to play with words, pictures, speech bubbles – anything you can think of! If you make a mistake at this stage just use a damp cloth to wipe the pen away.

 Step 2

Allow your mug to dry completely overnight to make sure the design will stay in place when washing.

Step 3

Time to bake your mug!  Preheat your oven to 150 degrees and bake the mug for 35minutes.  Once that time is up take your mug out and allow to cool completely.  Anyone for coffee?


Thank you to Hannah from the Make It Shabby team for this tutorial.

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