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Being house proud is something that everyone who owns their own place will be very familiar with. Back when we were kids, the thought of keeping the house clean and tidy through chores and touch-ups seemed like the end of the world, but having a living space to call your own inspires care and attention to even the smallest of things.

After a while in a house, it can be easy to feel like there is so much more you can do. The early years are concerned with you making the place your own, and following that, you want to make changes that other people may not notice, but you will.



Clutter catches up with us. Putting something on the side one day can quickly designate this area as ‘the place where things are put’. The problem with this is that these little things can soon pile up and you are left with a pile of, well, you’re not all that sure what.

Taking a day or weekend to go around the house and organise all of the clutter that is spilling around your home will free up more space than you might imagine. Having boxes for storage that can be tucked neatly away under beds or on shelves will make this process even more manageable, and let you walk through your home without getting distracted by cables, old toys and who knows what else littered along countertops.


Touch Up

Wear-and-tear is something that is unavoidable. The process is so slow that you often won’t realise how bad it looks until something significant catches your attention. Once you have noticed one thing, suddenly all other potential touch-ups will become clear.

Going through your house and adding a splash of paint here, a little varnish there, and some straightening of picture frames can completely refresh your home. There is also the potential to go even further and look into adding a plastic tile trim to beautify parts of the house that can be affected by mould and mildew and other areas that are exposed to the elements.



Sometimes, though you don’t need to fix up or spend days tidying at all. Creating the desired ambience in your home can make it feel like a place of tranquillity and relaxation. This can be done through rearranging furniture, investing in different sorts of lights and candles that can be used to save electricity and give your home a welcoming scent that will draw you in and make you never want to leave.

Furthermore, adding a touch of who you are will help personalise your house and give it a kick of individuality. People visiting your home will know who you are, what you love, and anything else you choose to show off around the house.

Sprucing up your home can range from substantial improvements to just little fixes here and there. We don’t always have the time or money to undertake significant changes in the home, but looking for ways to freshen up every room in the house will keep you feeling like it is yours, and let you be as proud as you could possibly need in your own home.





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