Making Life More Meaningful With Minimalism

Minimalism has been receiving increasing popularity over the years. Originally an art movement that began after World War 2; Minimalism is now expressed in design, architecture, music, literature, and adapted as a way of life. Minimalism is known as a tool for helping you find your freedom, valuing yourself more than material possessions. Rather than pining for and stressing over objects that you do not have; you can choose a state of mind that allows you to be fulfilled with the same, likely fewer, possessions – freeing you from emotional, mental and physical baggage. The following tips will help you implement Minimalism, allowing you to find more enjoyment and meaning in your life.



Start From The Inside, Out

By cleansing and detoxing your body, you can get rid of the toxins that are holding your body back from working at its optimal capacity. From efficient digestion and liver performance to mood and hormone stabilizing, to energy production – detoxing your body’s systems is the perfect way to embrace Minimalism. Check out Consumer Advisors for comprehensive reviews and insight into the brands available on the market.



Clean Out Your Closet

This may a difficult task for some, but once you have felt what it’s like to finally let go of those old and holy sweatpants – you will be inspired to keep the decluttering ball rolling. Here are a couple rules to help you minimize any mammoth wardrobe:

  • Don’t hoard – if you haven’t worn it for 6 months, donate or toss it.
  • Keep a ‘Capsule Closet’ in which you can store those few timeless and versatile items of clothing and the odd outfit for special occasions.
  • If you don’t feel comfortable in something, it’s best to get rid of it.
  • Avoid multiple items of the same style and instead opt for flattering cuts, shapes, and color palettes that can be mixed and matched.

Once you have established a clutter-free closet, be sure to maintain the minimalism by mending or replacing items as opposed to adding more excess.



Cook Simple Yet Delicious

Instead of wasting time on deciding what to eat; plan and repeat a few nutritious 3 ingredient meals that can also save you money in the process. Simple, excess and junk free diets such as the Minimalist diet reduces food down to the essential food groups, while traditional Japanese cuisine uses little cooking and light seasonings. These are a few but great ways to get into simple yet sufficient eating.



Implement Multipurpose

Another way to reduce unnecessary possessions in your life is by adapting multipurpose objects and ingredients. Multipurpose furniture can save you space and money in your home, while ingredients such as turmeric, honey, and coconut oil have a variety of household uses and beauty applications. By implementing the idea of multipurpose, you challenge yourself while inspiring your creativity.  


Go Digital

By embracing the digital revolution – you are not only adapting with the times but empowering yourself to apply Minimalism to more aspects of your life. Applications and software play an incredible part of this process with products such as Evernote which make organization easily accessible, as well as cloud storage and file hosting systems like google drive to make your work life less cluttered. The following pieces of tech are also known to help reduce waste in your lifestyle:

  • Digital Frame
  • eBook Readers
  • Rechargeable Batteries
  • Solar Lamps
  • Hard Drive

Start slowly and be conscious as you declutter and digitize, be sure to upload and store your documents and memories properly. This will allow you to feel the sweet relief of a more organized, optimized, and intentional lifestyle.  


Do Instead Of Own

A major aspect of Minimalism is letting go of the desire to own and accumulate objects, opting for an enriching experience instead. It is a common misconception that physical objects form a part of your identity, but in fact, they are separate from you and always will be. Once we have adapted to a new object, the novelty wears off and the void begins to develop again. Your experiences, however, are an intrinsic part of your identity – evolving your character, defining your passions, building your purpose, and allowing you the opportunity to connect with other people. Check out this list of recommended experiences that will change your perspective and introduce you to the wonder of doing instead of owning.

These tips are a few of many that will help you adapt Minimalism into your lifestyle. By taking time every day to incrementally build towards a minimal and meaningful life, you can start to see the benefits and liberation of this movement.






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