Make a Pair of Hand Warmers

  Slip these into your pockets on those really cold days to keep your hands toasty warm:   Materials Fabric/wool leftovers from previous projects (charity shop jumper) Sewing machine Thread Scissors/pinking shears Rice   Instructions Cut 4 squares of fabric or wool (from a charity shop jumper) the same size using the pinking shears for […]

How to Make a No-Knit Hot Water Bottle Cover

  Dig out an old jumper and give a tired hot water bottle a fresh new look with our no-knit tutorial.   Materials Hot water bottle Paper / pen Jumper – from the charity shop Pins Scissors Sewing machine   Instructions   Place your hot water bottle onto the paper and draw around to make a […]

How to Make No-Knit Knitted Mitts

    Upcycle an old jumper to make a warm pair of knitted mitts… without the knitting!   Materials Jumper (dig out an old one or grab a bargain from the charity shop/thrift store) Pins Scissors Sewing machine Paper (for template) Pencil or pen   Instructions Place your hand onto the paper and draw a mitt […]

How to Makeover Old Candlesticks

    Whether you have a tired pair of candlesticks that have seen better days or you’ve grabbed that thrifty find and need inspiration, now’s the time to get creative and transform them with a whole new look!   What you will need:   Rust-Oleum Metallic spray paint Rust-Oleum Surface Primer (where necessary) Newspaper/ Dust […]

How to Transform Old Christmas Decorations

  There’s nothing like a Christmas tree to get you in the festive mood, but if your tree decorations are past their best and looking a little worse for wear why not give them a whole new look with spray paint? Alternatively, if you want to try a new Christmas style this year, it could […]