From the Bookcase: Girly Style Wardrobe by Yoshiko Tsukiori

    Following on from Stylish Dress Book: Clothing for Everyday Wear and Stylish Dress Book: Simple Smocks, Dresses and Tops, Yoshiko Tsukiori is back with her newest release. Girly Style Wardrobe (Laurence King Publishing) is a delightful book for beginners and experienced sewists alike. Comprising 28 comprehensive instructions for staple wardrobe pieces for girls […]

From the Bookcase: Chunky Knits by Ashley Little

  This time of year is all about keeping warm and what better way to do it than with handmade, homemade style. Chunky Knits by Ashley Little contains 31 projects for you and your home. Ideal for those looking for quick projects that knit up in no time, each project contains clear instructions and accompanying […]

From the Bookcase: Blueprints of Fashion – Home Sewing Patterns of the 1940s by Wade Laboissonniere

  Blueprints of Fashion: Home Sewing Patterns of the 1940s is a must-have for fashion and vintage-lovers everywhere. Taking us back to the fashions of the 40s, Wade Laboissonniere’s research on the development and rise of home sewing and the designs created gives us not only a visual insight into the fashions of days gone […]

From the Bookcase: The Kingdom Revealed by Rob Ryan

    Following up from his book The Forgotten Kingdom, papercut artist and author Rob Ryan proves once again that fairy tales aren’t just for children. The Kingdom Revealed¬†(Hutchinson Books) tells the story of a young boy who doesn’t want to be King. Believing the grass to be greener on the other side, he runs […]

From the Bookcase: Gluten-Free Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day

    Whether it is time or gluten intolerance preventing you from baking your own bread, the time for excuses is now over. Gluten-Free Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day (Thomas Dunne Books) provides you with recipes and know-how to create your very own delicious home-made bread no matter how strapped for time you […]