What We’re Loving at Lakeland


Lakeland has just released a new range of products covering everything from food preparation to cooking to cleaning up after. Here are a few of our favourites from the latest product range:


Two Tone Cup Divider Inserts


Lakeland two tone cupcake divider inserts



Say goodbye to plain and boring cupcakes and give them a colourful edge with these two tone cupcake dividers. Simply hold each divider in place in the centre of a 5cm case and add two different colours up to the fill line on either side. Once the case is filled remove the dividers and bake the cupcakes as normal. A set of six dishwasher safe inserts is priced at only £3.99. Click here to buy. 


Halloween Pumpkin Cupcake Cases


lakeland pumpkin cupcake moulds


Yes, we know that it’s only August but you know as well as we do that October is going to come around before we know it and when it does, you’ll be looking for these and they will have disappeared as if by spooky magic! Don’t be caught short – get your fun BPA free silicone Halloween pumpkin cupcake cases today. They’re a bargain at just £2.99 for a set of six. And while you’re at it, why not add a set of six bat cases too? 


Multi Yogurt and Soft Cheese Maker



lakeland multi yoghurt and cheese maker



Dairy lovers won’t want to be without this fabulous multi yogurt and soft cheese maker. It’s so easy to use and ready in only 8 hours, enabling your family to enjoy fresh homemade yogurt or soft cheese for breakfast every morning. You can even add your own flavourings!


Adjustable Food Dehydrator


lakeland adjustable food dehydrator


We can’t get enough of this adjustable food dehydrator which at under £60 is well worth every penny! With four height adjustable drying trays and four temperatures, you can dry your own fruit, vegetables and even meat to make your own jerky. Make a batch to preserve and store, providing your family with a healthy treat without the added preservatives included in shop versions. Team it up with the yogurt maker above and you can even team up dried fruit with your own yogurt! Click here to buy yours now!



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