From the Bookcase: Jersey Yarn Creations by Alexandre Callier-Taylor

  Textile designer Alexandre Callier-Taylor shares 20 fantastic knitting and crochet projects for any occasion in his book Jersey Yarn Creations¬†by Search Press. Jersey yarn (which you might also know as t-shirt or fabric yarn), enables projects to be completed quickly making them perfect to turn to when you need a speedy gift or just […]

From the Bookcase: Mini Knitted Safari by Sachiyo Ishii

  Former money broker turned knitting designer Sachiyo Ishii shares yet another marvellous book of 27 projects in her book Mini Knitted Safari. Mini Knitted Safari (by Search Press) shows knitters of all abilities how they can create a mini safari scene of their own. The basic knitting techniques are covered at the beginning of […]

From the Bookcase: Knitted Rabbits by Val Pierce

  If you love knitting toys to gift or keep, you will adore this release by Search Press. Knitted Rabbits by Val Pierce takes you through 20 gorgeous bunny patterns for every level of knitter.¬†Choose from quick projects such as finger puppets and egg cosies, bunnies you can hold in the palm of your hand […]

From the Bookcase: Arm & Finger Knitting by Laura Strutt

  Arm & Finger Knitting is designer and maker Laura Strutt’s newest offering to the crafting world. Forget needles – all you need are fingers and arms and you too can create any of the 35 fabulous projects packed into this book! Opening with an encouraging welcome from Laura, she then goes on to cover […]

From the Bookcase: Chunky Knits by Ashley Little

  This time of year is all about keeping warm and what better way to do it than with handmade, homemade style. Chunky Knits by Ashley Little contains 31 projects for you and your home. Ideal for those looking for quick projects that knit up in no time, each project contains clear instructions and accompanying […]