Make It: Mini Knitted Bunny Toy

bunny 2


This knitted bunny is small enough to fit into the palm of your hand and makes a great little gift in no time at all!



Grey DK Yarn

White DK Yarn

Black DK Yarn (small amount)

4mm Knitting Needles

Darning Needle


Toy Stuffing

Pom Pom Maker (small)






Cast on 20 stitches

Knit until piece measures 4.5 inches




Stitch a triangle with your grey yarn through the top half of the square.


bunny stitches


Pull stitches together and stuff the head. Secure into place.





Stuff body and stitch together.




Sew the bottom and attach a white pom pom tail.


bunny 1



Stitch eyes and a mouth with the black yarn.

Tie a ribbon around the bunny’s neck.


Thanks to Louise from the Make It Shabby team for this tutorial.


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