Beetroot and Goats Cheese Cannelloni



The combination of roasted baby beets, ginger bread soil and goats cheese foam makes this cannelloni recipe from the Beech Hill Hotel & Spa team far different to the traditional!



500g cooked beetroot

4 gelatine leaves

300g goat’s cheese

75g soft cheese

Gingerbread biscuits for the soil

Bunch of roasted baby beets

50ml of double cream

50ml of semi skimmed milk

50g of goats cheese for the foam

Edible flowers for garnish (optional)



Puree beetroots and soaked gelatine with 100 ml of boiling water and spread evenly on silicon non stick matt and chill until set.

Mix goats and soft cheese together in food processor for a smooth paste and place in piping bag, cut beetroot jelly in long strips, pipe cheese and fold gently.

Place over crushed biscuits and garnish with flowers and baby beets.

Bring cream and milk to boil, add cheese and blitz it with hand blender.

Scoop foam with table spoon and pour over cannelloni.




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