3 Steps to a Perfect New Kitchen



Getting a new kitchen feels like a leap of faith sometimes and given how fast modern technology is moving, future-proofing your kitchen design is getting harder and harder. However, there is one classic theme that hasn’t been out of fashion since it’s conception in the 60s. And 2018 kitchen design is definitely inspired by it.

Minimalism has come and gone but it has never totally disappeared. With various phases of minimalism and crossover trends, it is now time for industrial minimalism to shine. Taking the raw materials that make up your kitchen and making them stand out for their own beauty is a style that never goes out of fashion.


Your Take on Minimalism

Because minimalism has gone through so many transitions, you don’t need to go for industrial minimalism, you can make the trend work for you. At its core, minimalism is about reducing your dependence on having so much stuff and enjoying clear space and the calmness that space affords.

The key components are a soft palette of neutral colours, raw, unadorned materials like granite for worktops and varnished wood doors and plenty of storage to hide your inevitable kitchen clutter away. You should also think about creating parallel and curving lines that draw the eye around the room and make it feel more spacious.


Get the Professionals In

Though minimalism sounds simple, to get the best results craftsmanship is required. This is because when you don’t have all the finishes and nothing to hide behind, every detail must be perfect at every level. This can push the price of minimalism up quite a lot, but when you see the results you know it’s worth it!

Your house will likely be a building site for a couple of days while everything is taken out and the new kitchen is put together. If you have a large yard, hiring a skip is probably the best way to get rid of everything cheaply but an alternative is a same-day rubbish removal truck. They will arrive on the same day you call and load all your waste into their truck – a much simpler solution if you don’t have space for a skip.



Add the Finishing Touches

Minimalism might be about having less dependency on stuff, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a few finishing touches once the builders have gone. The point is that everything you do see brings you joy and calm.

One of the main interior fashion trends of 2018 that could work is adding a large print or canvass to an otherwise blank wall. This a great opportunity to create a feature and truly express your personality in a big way. It’s not for everyone, but the right print in the right place can make any kitchen pop.

Renewing your kitchen takes a lot of
patience and planning but when you get it right, the results are really life-changing. Since the kitchen is a room you use every day, it is worth spending a little extra and getting the design you will love. And with minimalism, there will be very little to change over the coming years.   



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