How to Practice Good Car Seat Safety


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Our children are our most precious possession, if we can spend hundreds of pounds on the latest phone or computer, why wouldn’t we spend a similar amount on ensuring their safety? The bar is currently being raised on car seat safety laws, and why shouldn’t it? As research develops, so does the technology and design of our cars and car seats.

Keeping up to date with changing legislation is important, laws are passed to ensure public safety and they should be taken seriously. The UK law says that children should travel in a suitable car seat according to age, height and weight, there is a useful table on the government website to help.

It’s important to note that not all car seats fit in all cars, most reputable retailers take the guess work out and will only sell you a seat that is approved to fit in your make and model of car. Choosing the best car seat that you can afford is the way to go, tell your retailer your budget and they can advise accordingly. You will feel much better knowing that you have provided the best you can for your child. Have your car seat professionally fitted, watch how it’s being done and don’t feel shy about asking questions.

If you are going to have three children that are in car seats at the same time, don’t be tempted to let one travel without too early. Three car seat cars are what you need to be looking for to ensure maximum safety for your precious cargo.






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