Your Bathroom Should Do More Than Look Pretty



When you’re caught up in the world of décor and interior design, it’s all easy for your eye to veer only to the things that look pretty, that help you achieve a certain aesthetic or style. But in some rooms, practicality and function are far, far more important. The bathroom is one such room. Here, we’re going to make sure you’re taking a look at what the bathroom needs beyond a sense of style, taking it back to the essentials.


Keep it spacey

Making room for all the essentials should be a priority from day one. The bathroom is more than where we wash or use the commode. It’s used to store all kinds of things. Shampoo, soap, shaving cream, first aid kits, towels, makeup, the list goes on and on. So, it’s actually a more storage-heavy room than many might think but overloading it with furniture to keep it all can make the room feel small and claustrophobic. Open up more space in the bathroom by looking at smarter storage solutions. For instance, think about using your vertical space by adding more shelves, or use the space beneath the sink with small wicker drawers.


Keep it clean

Bathrooms need to be clean. There’s no debating that. But if you’re spending hours on your hands and knees scrubbing regularly, you might be doing it wrong. Waterproof wall and ceiling panels, leak-free shower cubicles, and other solutions from teams like Bathroom Marquee don’t just make it a lot easier to keep the bathroom clean. You always need to be aware of the risk of damp and mould and the steps you can take to stop them from forming. In that same line of thought, if you’re installing an extractor fan, make sure it’s being placed directly above the shower. That’s where the most steam and humidity is generated and leaving it lingering in the air can speed the spread of mould all the more.


Keep it light

Making the bathroom light and airy is certainly a good way to make it look a lot more comfortable. But it does a lot more than looking good, it makes the bathroom safer. The more light travelling through the room, the easier it is to stop hazards like a wet floor. The easier it is to spot potential leaks and plumbing issues, too. For that reason, try to maximise natural light in the bathroom with lighter window treatments from services like Blinds Galore. Instead of having to cover the windows all the time, choosing frosted glass for the windows can allow in a lot more natural light while keeping the privacy you need.

You can style your bathroom however you like. But the tips above will help you make it feel a lot more relaxing, clean, and overall be a much more practical use of the space. Don’t forget that each room serves a purpose and if you neglect the purpose, no amount of dressing it up is going to make it feel any better.







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