Fetching A Pretty Penny For Your Pretty Treasures


If our homes are meant to be places where the best memories are made, then it is no wonder they house so many treasures. They are mementoes from a life well-lived, tidbits that we collected over time and materialist magic that got handed from those living in a bygone era. Of course, saying goodbye to certain precious things is hard. Goodbye’s always are, especially when something has the priceless worth of sentimental value. For everything else, however, it can become a need to declutter or a hobby with a pretty price tag attached.

No matter what treasures you find, though, or what you may consider selling, the trick is to have the right approach. The power of knowledge is unrivalled on this front and could be the difference between you selling stuff and you selling antiques, treasures and rarities.

So, without further ado, here is how to turn your tidbits in to treasures that people will spend top dollar to take home:


Always Know The Value

Knowing the value of your home treasures should never be a matter of guessing. Instead, a quick call to a local valuer or a short trip to your local auction house is definitely a route to explore. Of course, this is always a viable option. But before you succumb to the idea of hard work and just pop your bits on eBay with a £0.99 starting price, try submitting photos of your treasures to an online valuer. Curiosity is an itch that always needs scratching.


Make Your Treasure Sparkle

There is so much value to be had in making your treasure appear in the best condition possible, which isn’t always as easy as you may think. If you have something like an old grandfather clock, then it is always worth taking it to antique clock repair specialist because a clock that only tells the right time twice a day is not going to be worth as much as ticking clock. If you have some antique art that you think may be worth something, never remove it from the frame. You’ll be amazed at how much an original frame can add to the overall price. It is things like this that you need to weigh in before you put something up for sale.


Know Where To Sell

One of the most daunting parts of trying to sell your house treasures is knowing which avenue to stroll down. There are just so many of them these days. You could take your bits to the famous flea market in your local city, you could visit an auction house that specialises in your objects, you could decide to advertise your belongings online or you could go use something like eBay. The reason we are mentioning this is simple: where you decide will affect your chances of finding the right buyer and thus your chances of getting the best price possible. Our advice: do your research, look what is selling where and which option is garnering the most attention. Once you know this, your chances skyrocket.





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