Why Home Value Isn’t Always Relative to Your Income


When you’re well-off and have lots of money to spend, it usually reflects in your home. At least, that’s what many people think.

Let’s take Warren Buffet for example. As one of the world’s richest people you’d expect him to have a huge mansion or a really expensive home somewhere in America–but he doesn’t. According to http://www.businessinsider.com/, Buffet lives in a home that is worth 0.001% of his entire net worth. He bought it at a modest $250,000 (when accounting for inflation)  in 1958 and has kept it since. IT’s his main home and, according to Buffet, the “third-best” investment that he’s ever made.

It just goes to show that your home doesn’t always represent your wealth, but can the reverse be true? Can you live in an expensive-feeling and valuable home without having the income for it?



Choosing the Right Service

If you’re not interested in doing research and looking around for the best-value decor and furniture, then leave it to experts like https://www.milliondollarmakeovers.net.au/ instead of trying to do it yourself. The reason is that renovators are often fully aware of the best-value decor and furniture available on the market, and if you give them specific directions they’ll usually be able to match your needs perfectly. However, it’s a good idea to remember that their services do cost money, so make sure you’re prepared to shell out the cash.


Add Value Through Sentimentality

Sometimes, value can be hard to discern. A priceless piece of furniture or antique is one thing, but do you know what’s equally as priceless? A sentimentality! Whether it’s a present that someone gave you while you were on holiday or a family heirloom that was left behind by your great-grandparents, adding sentimental items to your home decor is usually a fantastic example of how value isn’t always relative to income. Display those sentimental items by hanging them, framing them or displaying them in a cabinet. Take a look at this fun and informative article from https://www.forrent.com to learn a bit more about sentimental decor.


Do it Yourself

Do you have a fun crafty project that you’ve been delaying? Perhaps you’ve been thinking about adding some DIY touches to your home, or perhaps you and your family have been meaning to set up an activity together. Whether it’s painting your home or building an extension, there are some fantastic ways to add value to your home if you’re willing to put in the time and effort yourself. Not only does it help you save money, but it’s also sentimental in a way because you’re investing time and effort into your home and not just money.


Some Final Words

As you can see, adding personal value to your home doesn’t always mean spending money. There are plenty of ways to feel more comfortable in your home–it just takes a bit of creativity.





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