Style Out Your Fireplace for a Hot New Look


Fireplaces can be a tricky beast. Some are fully working, some have gas or other alternative fires, and others are now purely decorative. Even if you don’t have a working fireplace for real fires, you can make it look beautiful to turn it into an eye-catching feature. Try these tips for a stunning fireplace that you can’t keep your eyes from looking at.


Balance Your Mantelpiece to Avoid Clutter

Your mantelpiece provides an excellent shelf for ornaments, knick-knacks and various chotchkies. Using it is a fantastic way to enhance the room, but you need to be careful not to clutter it up too much. It will just look messy if there’s too much on it.


Light It Up

Fireplaces are sometimes not particularly well lit – until you light a fire in them, of course. If your fireplace isn’t in use, you could light it up with some clever lighting, whether you decide to go the route of fairy lights or candles.


Use Space Above and Below

The space above a fireplace tends to look pretty empty if you don’t put anything in it, so hang some art or a mirror. If you don’t use the fireplace, you can put something underneath too, to use up that unused space.


Turn Practical Items Into Features

If you do use your fireplace to have real fires, you often need a whole lot of fuel and various implements to keep your fire going. You can find some beautiful fireplace tools, and you can store your coal, firewood or whatever else you need smartly too. When you choose your wood, make sure you buy it from the right supplier to ensure it’s sustainable and excellent quality.



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