Home Improvements That Actually Add Value


If you are planning on selling your property, either in the near future or several years down the line, it is a good idea to take the steps required to boost the value of it. However, the trouble is that a lot of homeowners end up wasting their money on tasks that do not actually add value to the property. To ensure you do not waste your time or your money, read on to discover more about the home improvement tasks that will actually add value to your property so that you can command a higher asking price when it goes onto the market.


Deal with structural problems

There is only one place to begin, and this is with dealing with any structural problems. This is a necessity before you start considering any cosmetic improvements and repairs like new redecorating, flooring, kitchens, and bathrooms. Firstly, you need to identify where the structural problems like. Examples of structural defects include a collapsed floor or slab, an unstable chimney stack, missing or broken roof tiles, insect infestation, roof timbers or rotten joists, bowing walls, structural cracks to walls, rising damp, and a leaking or sagging roof. Unfortunately, these defects are likely to be some of the most costly repair work you will undertake. However, in terms of adding value, they are a necessity. If you are not sure regarding any structural defects in your home, the best thing to do is consult a structural engineer, surveyor, or builder. You cannot afford to cut corners when it comes to things like this.


Add some more natural light to your home

The importance of natural light in any home should not be overlooked. There are so many different ways that you can add some extra light to your property. Websites like https://www.professionalglass.com.au/ can be exceptionally useful when it comes to this. You could opt to have bigger windows installed or you could go for glass sliding doors into your garden. Another option is to have skylights installed. Skylights are stunning, allowing plenty of natural light to flood through from the roof of your property. Not only this but it means that you have a romantic setting to watch the stars at night. It is improvements like this that will really impress people that come to view your property, enabling you to command a much higher asking price.


Makeover the bathroom

Bathrooms need to appear hygienic and fresh. You need to make sure the walls are painted a nice neutral shade and that there is adequate light in the bathroom. In most bathrooms, an off shade of white is the perfect colour. If you do not have enough lighting in the bathroom, a simple solution is to opt for a spotlight unit in replacement of your single pendant. Aside from this, your bathroom presents you with a great place to add the real wow factor and some luxurious touches that will add some extra money to the asking value of your property. There are plenty of other ways you can make the most of your bathroom. This includes adding a mirror or two to make the bathroom feel a lot brighter and bigger than it is. A heated towel rail is also a good addition. You also need to make certain that your bathroom features an extractor fan for ventilation and you should think about using white tile paint to paint over any unfashionable tiles in the room at the moment. Furthermore, make sure that all flooring is hygienic and clean. If you are going to replace your flooring, tiled floor tiles or vinyl works well.Moreover, check your plumbing system before buying any units and ensure that there is at least one bathroom with a shower.


Remodel the existing space

Before you think about adding new space, you need to think about the existing space and how it can be used. If you improve public space, such as your living areas, dining areas, and kitchen, this is how you are going to be able to maximise value. To do this, there are a few things to keep in mind. Firstly, make sure you draw up a simple floor plan of the current layout. Play around with removing and adding walls so that you can achieve optimal layout. Not only this but you can your property seem a lot bigger if you have larger but fewer rooms, which is especially the case if the wall and flooring finishes continue throughout. You may also want to think about combining the kitchen and the dining room so that you can create a dining kitchen, as well as other possible living spaces that are multi-functional. You should also consider making utilisation of circulation space, i.e. corridors and halls, which that may not be required in a property that is suited to less formal lifestyles.


Give your kitchen a makeover

The kitchen is definitely one of the most important rooms in any home. For both valuation surveyors and buyers, a kitchen that looks hygienic and is attractive, and is fully functional is imperative. Before you replace your existing kitchen, you need to plan carefully and keep a number of different factors into account, including all of the fundamentals, for example, position and shape. You also need to figure out whether you want to make any structural changes to the room in question. There are lots of kitchens today that can be completely transformed when they are given a contemporary investment. There are a number of different design tips and pieces of advice that you should keep in mind and follow when it comes to your kitchen. Make sure you do all of the following: address noise, make sure your design is consistent, conceal kitchen clutter, give thought to flooring, and introduce natural light. You should also plan for extraction early on. There are a number of different options you have in this regard. This includes going for a cooker hood that is sufficiently sized for the space, opting for a model that has an intensive power setting, so that odours will be eliminating quickly, and specify for a ducted hood. Zoning is also critical when it comes to a well-executed kitchen. Successful open plan spaces have two key ingredients. They are zoned and they are cohesive. They feature different areas for activity, and they must be defined and obvious. To zone your kitchen successfully, you must consider furniture placement, vary floor and ceiling heights, and ensure the lighting is well-designed. And, of course, giving thought to the layout and size of the kitchen is also imperative.


Identify and fix superficial defects

Small defects will not have an impact on your property’s value. However, if you have a lot of small defects, then cumulatively they are going to prohibit you from being able to sell your home at the optimum price. There are a number of different structural defects that can put buyers off, and this includes all of the following: lifting flooring, cracks to plasterwork and ceilings, squeaky stairs and floors, broken or damaged windows, sewer smells, loose tiles, dripping taps, mouldy sealants in the bathroom and kitchen, door latches that do not work, sticking or squeaking windows  and doors, and peeling paint.


Think about a loft conversion

Last but not least, another option to consider is a loft conversion. The typical price of this is around £500 to £600 per every square metre. This means it will cost around twice as much as the price of an extension. However, in terms of adding value, it will add much more than an extension usually will. You can head to https://www.homebuilding.co.uk/loft-conversion-beginners-guide/ for more information on loft conversions and how much they cost. Plus, you can also combine this with one of the earlier suggestions regarding adding more natural light to a room. Rooflights or dormer windows can be used in this regard. Another benefit is the fact that you will not need to secure planning permission for a loft conversion because it uses existing volume. However, if your potential dormer windows are going to be facing a highway, you may need planning permission for these, so it is definitely something that is worth checking about with the planners.


So there you have it: a glimpse at the numerous different home improvement projects you can undertake in order to add value to your property. If you follow the suggestions that have been mentioned above, you can be certain that you will be able to command a higher price when your property goes onto the market. Not only this but you should be able to secure a much quicker sale as well.







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