Get the Look: 30 Ways to Create the Shabby Chic Look in Your Home

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Achieving the ultimate shabby chic look is an almost endless process that calls for an artistic mind that is able to convert even the most battered of items into something beautiful. That said; if you are having a bit of trouble deciding what to keep and what to throw out here are a few items that can give your home that shabby chic look you love:


Clifton Ivory Wardrobe - Laura Ashley
Clifton Ivory Wardrobe – Laura Ashley

Antique Wardrobes

You can find a wide range of them in antique stores and yard sales and they will not just be décor items but they are also convenient storage facilities. Can’t find an authentic one? You can still opt for antique-style new furnishings instead.


Cheeky Pink Collection - Royal Albert
Cheeky Pink Collection – Royal Albert

Vintage Tea Sets

Serving tea to your guests with one of these definitely presents you as a very elegant lady so find yourself a set or two and prepare to serve up the cucumber sandwiches and scones in style!


Slip-Covered Chairs

Whether it’s the sofas in the living room or the chairs in your dining room; slip covers allow you to express yourself as they come in a wide range of designs and colours and can be easily removed and replaced for washing.


Pewter Bird Photo Frame - John Lewis
Pewter Bird Photo Frame – John Lewis

Antique Picture Frames

They say a picture is worth a thousand words so what better way to complement your memories than with a unique picture frame that tells its own story.


Estella Chandelier - John Lewis
Estella Chandelier – John Lewis


These don’t just give a certain warmth to your house but are also pieces of art in and of themselves. Go for something unique and thought provoking.


Old Tables

Any room in the house can do with one of these and you can even take them outdoors as part of your patio furniture.


Albany White Linen Tablecloth - Habitat
Albany White Linen Tablecloth – Habitat

Crisp Tablecloths

Nothing says cosy little home than a nice home-cooked meal served on a beautiful hand-decorated tablecloth. Alternatively, let your tableware do the talking on a backdrop of crisp, white linen.


An Old Headboard

This can actually add a lot of character to an otherwise ordinary bed especially if the headboard is large and imposing.


Weathered Patio Chairs

Don’t be in a hurry to add a new coat paint to those patio chairs outside your house; they will come in handy as you put together your shabby chic look.


Tin Trough - Oasis Home & Leisure
Tin Trough – Oasis Home & Leisure

Battered Galvanised Buckets

These can be used outdoors as flower pots or they can be used for multiple storage purposes within the house.


Old Suitcases

If you don’t have any suitcases that are not from this millennium then you should get your hands on some; they will also come in handy when you are looking to store a few things.


Weathered Statues

Even those that have a limb missing can make lovely pieces for your outdoors. Feel free to mix and match different themes.


Old Flower Pots

When it comes to flower pots you are not looking for those that are barely functional; all you need are those that look aged due to years of exposure to the elements.


Decorative Birdcage - Hobbycraft
Decorative Birdcage – Hobbycraft

A Bird Cage

No, it’s not being suggested that you get yourself a canary. All you need is a cage that’s strategically placed to give your room some sophistication.


Weathered Flower Vases

If you are looking for centrepieces that will catch the attention of your guests, then you found them. All that remains is to get some amazing flowers and you are good to go.


Linea Decorative Glass Bottles - House of Fraser
Linea Decorative Glass Bottles – House of Fraser

Vintage Bottles

A girl has to have options so aside from your old flower vases you can also have some multi-coloured vintage and decorative bottles as centrepieces for your tables.


Collectible Candle Stands

If you enjoy moving from one antique shop to another looking for some interesting pieces then you should be on the lookout for exceptional candle stands.


Overstuffed Cushions

These will complement your slip-covered sofas especially due to the fact that you are allowed to mix and match according to your taste.


Distressed Bookshelves

Aside from storing your much loved books these shelves will also add some definition to your study or living room.


Bourbon Vintage Cabinet -
Bourbon Vintage Cabinet –

Old Chest of Drawers

As you seek to turn your bedroom into a cosy haven, you need to invest in one of these especially if it compliments your other shabby chic items.


Lacy and Floral Curtains

We all love the effect of the interaction between these curtains and the sun. So treat your home to some exquisite pieces that will bring some excitement to your rooms.


Linea Vintage Bottle Lamp - House of Fraser
Linea Vintage Bottle Lamp – House of Fraser

Collectible Table Lamps

If you can get hold of a couple of unique table lamps then you will be one happy camper. They will not just soften the lighting in your house but also make a great feature!


Hand-woven Bread Baskets

These are definitely a must-have for you who loves entertaining. And they come in all shapes and sizes so you need not worry about monotony.


Faded Silverware

Don’t panic; they are not to be used during dinner. Their main purpose is to serve as peculiar decorative items on your dining table.


Set of 3 Natural Wooden Crates - Oasis Home & Hobby
Set of 3 Natural Wooden Crates – Oasis Home & Hobby

Old Barrels and Crates

These are some of the most versatile pieces you’ll come across. They can be used as seats, tables or storage containers in addition to being converted into virtually anything you like.


Distressed Cupboards

Besides being artistic masterpieces in their own right; these cupboards will also allow you to effortlessly display your fine china


Trevarno Window Mirror - OKA Direct
Trevarno Window Mirror – OKA Direct

Antique Mirrors

Go ahead and make your rooms look bigger by investing in some antique mirrors and see how much your house comes alive.


Vintage Light Shades

Since they come in all shapes and sizes these beauties allow you to explore your more imaginative side so don’t be afraid to think outside the box.


Typhoon Vintage Storage Canister - The Brilliant Gift Shop
Typhoon Vintage Storage Canister – The Brilliant Gift Shop

Eclectic Cookie Jars

A few of these will come in handy especially if you have a thing for baking and can maintain a constant supply of freshly baked cookies.


An Old Piano

This is a must-have for anyone who has enough room for it. Who knows, you might find yourself entertaining your guests on it!




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