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There’s nothing worse than looking around your home and seeing clutter everywhere. When there’s all sorts of belongings scattered all over the place, it can easily make a person frustrated and unable to think straight. Luckily, even if you’re living in a small property there are plenty of solutions to your dilemma. In this article is going to be some super simple storage solutions for you to consider to keep your home looking clean, tidy, and cosy.


Build storage yourself

First and foremost, the option of building your own storage space jumps to mind. This will allow you to build the storage that you need and be able to fit it to the space that you have. For example, if you’re in need of storage in your living room for things like books, DVDs, CDs and consoles, then you could tailor make your own storage in there to fit with your decor, space and needs.

One bonus of building the storage yourself is that you’re able to save yourself some money on either hiring out a builder to do the work for you, or buying expensive furniture that wouldn’t quite fit your every need.

You could get super creative with the cupboards that you build by using different materials. This would help make your storage solution more unique and to your style and budget. Simple ideas like creating a frame and putting material over the doors would save you on the cost of wood, yet allow you to get creative with the shape, size and material that you’re planning on using.


Bathroom storage

One room that many people tend to forget about when it comes to storage is their bathroom. Think about how many things you keep in your bathroom, and how much of it is on display. There are super cute bathroom vanities available here that you can get to suit the style and decor of your bathroom.

Another great way of being able to store things in your bathroom would be to add shelving in there so that you can neatly store all of your toiletries and essentials. Remember to keep any personal vanity items out of display so that when you have any guests over it keeps your home looking neat and tidy.


Use your space wisely

If you’ve already got a plethora of storage space and are struggling to see how you can fit more in your home then there are a few things you can do to use your space more wisely. To name a few:


  1. Don’t forget that you can use space above your head. Space that’s above head height is often wasted and could be used for overhead cupboards and shelving. Much like when you’re building your own storage cupboard, you could tailor make it to what you need it for.
  2. Make the most of the storage cupboards you already have. Rearrange them so that it’s clearly organised. When it’s neater there will often pose a chance for more storage space. Not only that, you should consider adding shoe holders to the back of cupboard doors for even more storage space. You can hold many different items (including your shoes if you choose) in them and it adds an extra use to the doors of the cupboards.
  3. Add shelving within cupboards. Much alike the making the most of the space above your head, many people find that the tops of their cupboards are empty because there’s no shelving to put things on. Take a look around and see if you can add any shelving to your cupboards.


Buy specialist made storage cupboards

There’s a chance that you’re not DIY minded, or you simply don’t have the time to build your own storage space. If this is the case for you, why not consider measuring up the spaces in your home where you’d like storage space and taking it to a company that would be able to custom build some cupboards for you. This would allow you to simply have them delivered and then get to clearing your home of clutter that you don’t want to throw, yet don’t want on display.


Try these ideas when it comes to creating more storage space within your home, and see how much nicer your home will look and feel once it’s cleared out. Remember to use overhead space, and to utilise the space that you’ve already got within your current storage solutions.



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