12 Organisational Solutions for Small Homes


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Everyone who has ever lived in a small home knows how difficult it can be to keep your house organised. You may have tried all the conventional methods but none of them seems to work for you. Maybe it’s time you thought outside the box and we are here to show you how.



It is impossible to get organised if your home is filled with things that you neither use nor need. Take some time to sort through your belongings and you will be surprised by how much room you can create by decluttering.


Get tilt bins

Instead of having several little containers on your children’s study desk holding various small items like pencils and paper clips; why not get tilt bins that will hold more stuff and create a larger working area for the kids.


Go easy on the gadgets

Try as much as possible not to buy gadgets that you will not use often; they only use up your space without adding much value to your life. Instead, buy appliances that have multiple uses.


Nkuku Chalk Board Storage Jars - IWOOT
Nkuku Chalk Board Storage Jars – IWOOT

Store like items together

Usually, like items tend to be packaged in a similar manner so when you store them together you find that you can easily stack them and save on space. This is especially true for books and foodstuffs that come in jars.



It doesn’t matter whether it’s your cutlery drawers or your children’s playing room. You will realise that if you leave things to spread over an enclosed area they occupy more space than if you divided the area into smaller sections and tried to fit as much stuff as you can into those compartments.


Amalfi Extending Table and Chairs - Great Furniture Trading Co
Amalfi Extending Table and Chairs – Great Furniture Trading Co


If you have a room that serves several purposes for instance a dining room that acts as a study when you are not entertaining, or you like giving your room a new look by moving furniture around, make things a little bit easier for yourself by adding casters to your heavier pieces of furniture for easier mobility. Use tables that can be easily extended, then tucked away compactly when not in use, and add storage boxes that double up as coffee tables.


Add more shelves

Ever noticed how much space there is in your wardrobe above or below your hanging rods? Well, a great way to make use of this space is to fit in some shelves and store a few (or many) of your items on them.


Set of 3 Water Hyacinth Storage Trunks - House of Fraser
Set of 3 Water Hyacinth Storage Trunks – House of Fraser

Add baskets and bins

Yes these two items are a common sight in most homes but being organised is not just about having them; it’s about making them work for you. So instead of getting one or two large bins or baskets get a set of them that are conveniently stacked together thus occupying less space.


Do some filing

Having papers stashed away in some drawer is not a good idea. It is not just frustrating when you are trying to find an important document within a disorganised pile but don’t you think you could find better uses for that drawer? Go on, indulge in some filing.


Hide, hide, hide

So what happens if you enjoy spending some time in the great outdoors with you family and friends and you own all the gear that goes with the enjoyment but you have nowhere to store it? Well, try and get gear that can be easily dismantled and hidden in small spaces like under beds.


Use your walls

If there isn’t enough room on your floor and your walls stand empty then it’s time to give them some work. It doesn’t end with hanging your saucepans; you can also hang your jewellery, scarves, hats etc. and add some character to your walls at no extra cost.


Joseph Joseph Set of 6 Nesting Storage - IWOOT
Joseph Joseph Set of 6 Nesting Storage – IWOOT

Lose the packaging

Whenever possible try and remove your groceries from their packaging especially if it is bulky and awkward. Ensure that you store the items in containers where they fit snugly and occupy less space.




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