10 Ways to Transform Your Home FAST



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What do you do if the current state of your home seems to rub you the wrong way? You transform your home (of course). But what if you don’t have the time for a major makeover? Well, you follow our little list and soon your home will look fresh and new.



One of the commonest causes of disappointment in many people’s living environments is clutter. Lots of items squeezed into one tiny space have a way of just choking the life out of us. So if your home is filled with things that you neither use nor need, get rid of them and your house will never be the same again.


Bring In Some Mirrors

Mirrors don’t just make your rooms look bigger but they are also quite important in their aesthetic value. If you can get your hands on some antique pieces then they will draw attention to themselves and your home’s décor will be constantly admired.


Get New Rugs and Carpets

One of the easiest ways to transform your home is by changing your colour scheme. It follows then that some new rugs and carpets will infuse new life into the old furniture and bring some excitement into your rooms.


Re-do Your Walls

Don’t panic; you are only going to work on one wall per room. All you need to do is pick your favourite walls and create a feature out of it. Complement your existing walls by putting a fresh coat of paint on it or covering in some lovely wall paper.


Play Around With Your Furniture

This one is really easy; you just need to move your furniture around and discover a whole new home. Better still you can replace your furniture or go out and bring in a few new pieces here and there that accentuate your old furniture.


Change Your Curtains

Since curtains are such a noticeable part of any room a small change in them can create a huge difference. A different style, colour or fabric can give your room an entirely different look. Switching from lighter fabrics in the summer to thicker, heavier winter curtains can create a cosy, warm feel to a room, for example.


Change Your Bathroom Linens

This is especially necessary if your linens come in a wide range of colours. Try and select your favourite colour and ensure that all your linens are that colour. This will definitely change the mood of your bathroom and when you fill like that colour has grown old move on to the next colour.


Replace Your Flower Pots

If you have been wondering what to do with your unexciting front porch then the answer lies in your flower pots. Shop around for something that’s unique but also functional and while you’re at it you can also introduce some new flowers as well!


Change Your Bulbs

We can all agree that lighting is an integral part of a beautiful home so invest in some lovely table lamps and also change from harsh bulbs to softer ones. You may also take it a step further and introduce an eye-catching chandelier or light shades.


Bring In Some Pictures and Paintings

Finally complete the new look by introducing your guests to your fondest memories and artwork. These pieces are not just fantastic talking points but also fill up the empty spaces on your walls and mantles.









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