20 Top Tips to Organise Your Kitchen


Ways to manage food in the refridgerator


Your kitchen is the soul of your home being one of the most frequently used rooms in your house. Nevertheless a disorganised kitchen can be a source of great frustration to its users. So if your kitchen happens to be in a sad state, we are here to show you how to transform it using a few simple steps.


Clean out your shelves, cupboards and drawers

Before you can begin to arrange anything you need to know exactly what you have in your kitchen and there is no better way to do this than to get everything out in the open.


Clean out your fridge

Just like the rest of your kitchen you also need to take stock of what is in your fridge. It’s amazing what you can find hidden away in the corners sometimes!


Get rid of the things you don’t need

Now that you have everything within your sight look through all your stuff and decide what you want to keep and what you want to get rid of. If you haven’t used something in the last six months, the chances are you can probably do without it.


Categorise your items

Make sure that items of similar use are stored together and avoid the confusion that comes with mismatched items. Keeping your collection of cookie cutters in one place saves time and trouble when you’re covered in flour and dough!


Create zones

Once you’ve arranged everything according to its usage it’s now time to create zones for the commonest activities carried out in your kitchen. Designate areas to bake, prepare sandwiches etc. and store all the corresponding equipment and ingredients within these areas.


Use labels

Get yourself some unique labels that you can place on your cupboards, drawers and containers. This makes it easier to find stuff without ransacking the entire kitchen.


Monsoon Antalya Storage Jar - £12.80 at Denby Retail
Monsoon Antalya Storage Jar – £12.80 at Denby Retail

Use decorative jars

These are particularly helpful for dry products like flour and spices. Aside from saving on space, use of glass jars also allows you to know how much of a certain foodstuff you have at any given time. Kilner jars are always a firm favourite for that vintage look but for a little variety, throw in an assortment of ceramic patterns too!


Place regularly used items at the front

As you begin to place items back into their storage areas please make sure that items that are used often are placed within easy reach.


Stack neatly

Instead of placing each cup and saucer separately you could stack them up with a saucer between every two cups. This will create more space in your cupboards.


Use pull-outs

For items that occupy more space when stacked try placing the items in simple pull-outs and notice how much less room they use.


Invest in some compartments

This is an inexpensive way to organise your cutlery drawer. Moreover, these PVC compartments can also be used to store sachets of various types.


Store horizontally

If you have a lot of spices that have almost similar containers try and divide your shelf into square compartments and place several spice jars in a horizontal position within each of the compartments.


Use uniform plastic containers

Instead of re-using your take-out containers to store food in your fridge get yourself some interlocking plastic containers which fit perfectly into each other when not in use.


Utilise Magazine Holders

These will come in handy when you need to store items like foil paper that have long packages, freeing up much-needed storage space in the cupboards.


Use pot racks

If your kitchen has an empty looking wall that is doing nothing much for you then add a rack or two for your pots to sit on show. This utilises wall space, looks good and saves room too.


Unstack your baking trays and chopping boards

Trying to find the tray you want when they’re stored in a pile can be a feat of endurance in itself. Purchase some short tension curtain rods that you can place within your cupboards creating a quick and easy rack, allowing you to store your trays and chopping boards horizontally but creating easy access to them at the same time.


Wine rack - £35.00 at Habitat
Wine rack – £35.00 at Habitat

Get smaller wine racks

Go for circular wine racks that fit almost snuggly around the wine bottles. This way you’ll find that you store a lot more wine within the same space.


What’s under your sink?

This area can accumulate a lot of clutter. Enamel boxes are great for keeping all your cleaning products in one place, allowing you to take them from room to room. To save space utilise the space above the bottom of the cupboard by placing a horizontal rod in a convenient position across the top. You can then hang your sprays, cloths and clothes pegs on it.


Organise your recipes

Use a binder or a photo album to keep your recipes in neatly. Alternatively, write your recipes out on individual filing cards and file them away in a wooden or enamel recipe box.


Keep up the good work!

Once you’ve managed to give your kitchen a complete make-over, form a routine that ensures that it doesn’t return to its original state. Do small jobs frequently before they build up into bigger jobs later on.

Enjoy your organised kitchen!






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