Autumn Leaf Feature Bowl


leaf bowl 1


This is a fabulous idea for using some of the fallen leaves that surround us at this time of year. It’s an easy project to do but it does take time and patience to wait for the leaf bowl to set!


What you need:


A selection of freshly fallen autumn leaves or fake leaves

A bowl

PVA glue




Take a bowl and wrap it with clingfilm, ensuring it’s completely covered.

Slightly dilute the PVA glue and begin gluing each leaf, sticking them face down onto the bottom of the bowl. Once stuck down coat with more PVA glue on top. You might find real leaves a little tricky so feel free to use fake leaves if you prefer. Artificial fabric leaves are much more compliant with this craft!

Cover the base of the bowl, layering the leaves as you go. Don’t worry about neatening them up at the rim of the bowl – they’ll look more natural if they overlap.

You’ll need quite a few layers – at least four or five is recommended. Ensure the leaves are all thoroughly coated with glue.

Set aside to dry. Ours took a couple of days so patience is called for.

Once dry the leaves will have stiffened up. Unwrap the clingfilm from around the bowl and gently prise away from the leaf bowl.

You can use the leaf bowl as an eye-catching table feature, filling with a selection of autumnal pot pourri, a seasonal pine cone display or even as a nut serving dish!











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