Fabric Rose Wreath Decoration

fabric flower wreath decoration



Fabric roses made from torn material paired with natural jute creates a terrific shabby chic decoration for hanging or displaying on a shelf – whatever the time of year!



Styrofoam Polystyrene Ring 

Jute Twine

White and natural coloured linen or cotton fabric

Hot glue gun and glue sticks



Using the hot glue gun, dab a dot of glue on the ring and begin wrapping the jute twine closely around it ensuring no gaps can be seen. Glue as you wrap in order to keep the twine in place. Wrap all the way around.

Tear strips of fabric approximately 1-1½” wide and at least 15-20″ long. Tearing the fabric will give the flowers a rougher edge which is more preferable to a clean cut. Don’t worry if tearing the strips results in fabric wider at one end than at the other – this all adds to the effect!

Starting from one end, begin rolling the strip into itself. Secure with a dot of glue to get started, then work on from here. Pinching onto the bottom of the fabric, continue rolling along the fabric around at a slight angle so that it leans outwards slightly, twisting and flipping it over every now and then, and gluing the ‘petals’ you create as you go in place as you do so. It might take a few attempts to get right but it’s easy to get the hang of once you get started.

Place the flowers onto the ring alternating between the white and natural, securing each one with hot glue as you go. Don’t worry about cleaning up loose threads from the flowers – they all add to that vintage look!

Cut a piece of twine and hot glue to the back of the wreath to create a hanging loop.

Hang or display on a shelf!



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