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yarn wreath tutorial


This wonderful yarn wreath tutorial has been created by Louise at handylittleme. Featured in magazines and websites worldwide, Make It Shabby also interviewed Louise about her work and we loved it so much that we ended up making her part of the Make It Shabby team!  Read more about Louise and handylittleme here!

In the meantime, enjoy trying out the fabulous yarn wreath tutorial that Louise has put together!


Yarn Wreath Tutorial

What you will need

A polystyrene ring (small/medium)
Yarn colour of your choice
Ribbon (at least 10 inches)
Darning needle
Embroidery thread
Small ornament
Cello tape and a glue gun if you have one



yarn wreath tutorial 1
Step 1

Tape the end of the yarn to the polystyrene ring and begin to wrap the yarn around the ring until the entire ring is covered. Do this twice (you don’t want to see any white bits!).
w 2
w 3


Step 2

When your polystyrene ring is completely covered secure the last end of yarn securely with your glue gun. If you don’t have a glue gun you can secure with cello tape.


w 4


Step 3

Thread your darning needle and pass through your chosen ornament.


w 5


Step 4

Stitch ornament through the middle of your ribbon leaving a 1 or 2 inch gap so it can hang in the middle of your wreath. Knot and secure on the underside of the ribbon.


w 6


Step 5

Glue your ribbon ends together or stitch. Cut into a V shape.


w 7


Step 6

Your yarn wreath is now ready to hang!





Visit Louise’s site at or click here to visit handylittleme on Etsy, and don’t forget to read more about Louise on Make It Shabby.


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