Top Tips to Turn Your Bathroom Vintage


A classic bathroom look is easy to accomplish if you’re armed with the right tools, accessories, and outlook. Anything can become a vintage lookalike if you try hard enough, so it’s really not that difficult to create a shabby chic looking bathroom. No tile smashing required!

Lisbeth Dahl Antique Silver Perfume Bottle - Mollie & Fred
Lisbeth Dahl Antique Silver Perfume Bottle – Mollie & Fred

Clear out and start afresh

If something doesn’t look right, or fit in with the vintage theme, replace it. You can trade it for something else you probably have lying about the house anyway, such as a pretty bowl or vintage bottles.


Repaint the walls

While this isn’t a necessary task, it helps to completely transform the bathroom. Go for neutral shades rather than bold ones, or if you want wallpaper, go for floral patterned or something similar.


Bela Pillar Bath Filler Taps - John Lewis
Bela Pillar Bath Filler Taps – John Lewis

Replace the taps

Replacing the entire suite isn’t necessary. Often, just replacing the taps will give the room a whole new look.


Freshen up the art

You might have certain pieces of artwork that have been in the bathroom for years, and so it’s time for a change. While you don’t have to get rid of what was hanging up previously, it’s good to rotate it as the smallest changes make the biggest differences.


Ivory Shaving Set - English Abode
Ivory Shaving Set – English Abode

Oversee what is left out

What we mean by this is making sure that objects such as hairbrushes, razors, deodorant and other products that belong in the cabinet, stay in the cabinet. Don’t leave them on your countertop, as this will take away the vintage look of the accessories you added, and look disorderly. Unless, of course, they’re vintage-style!


Paint and distress the mirror

One of our favourite things to do is paint and distress furniture such as drawers and desks, and it can work on mirrors too! It gives a chic look and you get to keep your beloved piece of furniture.


Switch up your shower

You don’t have to get an entirely new shower in order to create a vintage feel, although this is an option to consider. You can buy PVC shower panels that have a vintage design to them instead. This will make a huge difference to the overall look and feel of your bathroom.


Pevensey Shuttered Louvre Door Mirror - Artisanti
Pevensey Shuttered Louvre Door Mirror – Artisanti

Replace the mirror completely

You might think that your mirror has done it’s time, and redecorating your bathroom is a fantastic time to bring in a completely different looking glass. This is a brilliant idea, and is your opportunity to go all out and make a real feature out of it!


Now that you’ve seen that revamping your bathroom doesn’t mean pulling up the tiles to stick different ones down, you can create your own vintage-looking one! It’ll be an area you love, and you’ll be amazed what it does to its surroundings too.







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