6 Great Ways to Love Your Laundry

Laundry rooms, if you’re fortunate enough to have them, are both the best and worst parts of the home. They become cluttered and you feel as though you’re drowning in jeans and blouses, but at least it’s kept hidden from the rest of the house. We bring you our favourite tips to keep your laundry room looking as clean as the laundry.


Victorian Kitchen Maid Pulley Airer - Cast In Style
Victorian Kitchen Maid Pulley Airer – Cast In Style

Use a clothes rail to dry things

When it comes to drying clothes outside of a tumble dryer, you’re not left with many options other than doors and stair bannisters. Suspend a vintage-style clothes airer from your ceiling; you’ll be able to save space and keep the rest of the house free from clothes. It’s perfect for delicate clothing, whether that’s your dinner dress or a swimsuit, and it requires little effort to assemble and it looks perfect in the shabby chic home.


Set of 3 Lingerie Washing Bags - John Lewis
Set of 3 Lingerie Washing Bags – John Lewis

Halt the mystery of the odd socks

It’s the mystery that never dies… until now! Give your children or partner a mesh bag strictly for underwear. When it comes to laundry day, you can simple chuck in one bag with a load of other clothes, and you’ll know who they belong to. Get them to roll up their own socks, and this will save you time.


Jasper Conran Grey Wicker Laundry Hamper - Debenhams
Jasper Conran Grey Wicker Laundry Hamper – Debenhams

Keep several hampers

Rather than having just one for all the clothes, get two or three. You can then use one for lights, one for darks, and another for bedsheets or sofa covers. This will eliminate you having to go through the hamper trying to find enough items to make up a load of whites – you can now see it at a glance.


Have a set folding station

Don’t pull out the laundry and dump it anywhere to fold. Buy a fold-out table and set that out before you empty the tumble dryer, and then fold all the clothing there. Fold it back up afterwards to ensure it doesn’t get weighed down with other equipment and is ready for use again later.


Laundry Tin and Scoop - House of Fraser
Laundry Tin and Scoop – House of Fraser

Keep your supplies close

Have a box to keep stain remover, washing detergent and other laundry detergent together. This way, if you see a stain on a shirt or someone accidently spills a coloured liquid onto the white sofa, you know where to go to get the trusty supplies and fix it.


Store everything

When it’s not in use, put it away. The more things that accumulate in such a small area, the worse you’ll feel. It will feel cluttered and messy, resulting in you getting stressed and making the laundry less enjoyable than it already is. When you have finished the last load, have a five-minute tidy up where you return everything back to its rightful place.


With a room as important as the utility room, it’s good to make sure that it’s as fresh as possible. Use some of these techniques and you’ll have a clear room in no time at all.






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