15 Handmade Decorations for an Etsy Christmas

Christmas is only a matter of weeks away, which means it’s time to pull out the decorations from the loft. But why not treat yourself to some new ornaments as well? If you’re looking for inspiration to deck your home out in Christmassy goodness, have a look at our favourite picks of Etsy’s handmade decorations. After all, you can’t get any better than handmade!



If you’re looking for something to hang on your fireplace, try this MERRY CHRISTMAS Banner Garland by bekahjennings. Not only is it completely created and stamped by hand, it is also able to withstand years of use, making it the perfect decoration to bring out again and again. Although they’re made similarly to the photographed garland, each one has it’s own unique differences, making it one of a kind.



Set of 6 hand turned wooden christmas decorations - thefinewoodenarticle
Set of 6 hand turned wooden christmas decorations – thefinewoodenarticle

Decorate your tree with these beautiful hand turned wooden Christmas decorations by TheFineWoodenArticle. They come in a set of six, so you receive three snowmen and three Christmas trees. They could be just what your tree needs this year!



Personalised Christmas Decoration - wordheart
Personalised Christmas Decoration – wordheart

Want to go for something more personal? Try this personalised Christmas decoration by WordHeart. It features the words ‘With Lots of Love at Christmas Time,’ followed by the name of your choice. You can choose the fabric and whether you want it unscented or scented, so it really does belong to you. They’re great for you to get for yourself, or as an alternative to a Christmas card for someone else.



o holy night christmas sign - castleinndesigns
o holy night christmas sign – castleinndesigns

If you want something to place on your shelf during this time, go for this O Holy Night Christmas sign by CastleInnDesigns. It is stamped with the words, “O’ Holy Night the stars are brightly shining. It is the night of our dear Saviour’s Birth.” If you want to have a shabby chic look, you can choose how distressed you want it to be, ranging from none to moderately distressed.




red fabric garland - bahloohlahbunting
red fabric garland – bahloohlahbunting

Nothing sets a room off like bunting, and this red fabric garland by BaloolahBunting is exactly the kind of thing we love. Not only does the red get your into the Christmas mood, but the pattern is beautiful and has just enough detailing without being too much. The bunting is approximately eight and a half feet long, which makes it brilliant for one long wall or to drape over a shelf or two.



spoon handle christmas decorations - thesilverbirdcage
spoon handle christmas decorations – thesilverbirdcage

Go for something slightly different but still exquisite with these spoon handle Christmas decorations by TheSilverBirdcage. They are hand stamped with the words ‘Peace,’ ‘Love,’ and ‘Joy.’ You can hang them on your tree with the length of ribbons attached, and they will become the most pleasing decorations in sight.



White birch log candle holder - gftwoodcraft
White birch log candle holder – gftwoodcraft

Display those candles in style with this white birch log candle holder by GFTWoodcraft. Each is unique to the buyer thanks to the natural resources, so your home will really have a personal handmade item to be proud of. They bring an elegant shabby chic look to dresser or shelf, and look fantastic throughout the year, not just Christmas.



rustic wooden heart christmas decoration - handyhappyhearts
rustic wooden heart christmas decoration – handyhappyhearts

If you’re looking for a rustic ornament take a look at this rustic wooden heart by HandyHappyHearts. You can buy a set of one, two, or three, and if that’s not enough, buy several sets! They’re a good size at four inches, making them noticeable without being too large.




wooden shabby chic christmas hearts - pearlypantscrafts
wooden shabby chic christmas hearts – pearlypantscrafts

Sticking to the topic of heartshaped tree decorations, these wooden shabby chic hearts by Pearlypantscrafts are exceptional. The patterns are distinguished and they are ideal if you are looking for tree ornaments that complements the vintage-styled room. You can buy a set of 5 for only £7.50 in silver or gold.



christmas bottle - mysweetmaison
christmas bottle – mysweetmaison

There’s something amazing about handmade decorations, but something even more so about ones made out of objects created for a different purpose. This Christmas bottle by mysweetmaison is superb, one of a kind, and a special mantelpiece accessory for the holidays. How could you not feel festive with this around?




Christmas Wreath - elegantwreath
Christmas Wreath – elegantwreath

A must-have at this time of year is this Christmas wreath by ElegantWreath. It’s adorned with silk flowers, pinebranches, pinecones and artificial berries, making it striking and stunning. It would look impressive on a dresser or door. It’ll spread the holiday cheer to anyone who comes knocking!



handmade crackers - yourcrackers
handmade crackers – yourcrackers

One of the best traditions on Christmas Day is the pulling of the crackers. However, shop ones can be disappointing – why not try these gorgeous crackers by YourCrackers? They snap, contain a hat, joke, and gift. They’re no different to shop bought ones in function, but the contents and exterior are so much more pleasant. They’re available in sets of six.


reindeer and sleigh - jsminiatures
reindeer and sleigh – jsminiatures

Looking for something to put on a shelf for all to see, full of Christmas spirit and fun, all while keeping a vintage feel? This adorable reindeer and sleigh figure by JSMiniatures could be precisely what you need. It’s small enough to be a side accessory if it’s grouped up, but large enough to sit simply on its own without looking out of place.


holly cottage - birdsbeesanflowers
holly cottage – birdsbeesanflowers

Another tree decoration is this wonderful Holly Cottage by birdsbeesandflowers. It looks just like a cottage from a feel-good movie, with candles in the windows and a wreath on the front door. If you choose to have it embroidered with a special message on the reverse side, you’ll be able to look back for years to come and remember a lovely Christmas.


nativity sign - duanesworkshop
nativity sign – duanesworkshop

Handcrafted nativity scenes are impressive, and this Merry Christmas sign by DuanesWorkshop has spectacular detailing. It is exclusive to you, as you can decide what colour you want for the wood and vinyl and it measures approximately 13” x 4”.





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