Ways to Light Your Loft Conversion Naturally


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If you need extra space for your home a loft conversion is a great way to get it. Loft conversions provide you with the extra room that you need without all of the hassle and expense of moving.

In addition, a loft conversion adds around 10% to the value of your home, so you can get the extra space you need and end up making money. They really are a great way to improve your home.

However, there is one thing you have to be careful of if you are going to have a loft conversion done and that is getting the lighting right. As strange as it may seem, loft rooms can end up being quite dark and dingy.

This is because building regulations and the need to maintain the structural integrity of the roof means that the size of the windows you can have installed is quite small. That means that there can be a lack of natural light in a loft.

Fortunately, there are some simple ways to boost the amount of light in your converted loft. Here we look at the easiest ways to get natural light into your loft space without contravening the building regulations.



A traditional way to provide natural light in a loft conversion is to have a skylight installed. These windows are inset into the roof and sit almost flush with the tiles. They look good and let in a lot of light, but do have potential drawbacks.

On warm days, they let in a lot of heat as well as light. In addition, on cold days a lot of heat can escape via a skylight.

Both issues can be combated by ensuring that your skylights are fitted with blinds that have a thermal layer built into them. However, these blinds are not cheap, so make sure that they are included in any loft conversion quote that you get.


Dormer windows

A better solution is to have dormer windows installed. These are built into the side of the roof. They let in plenty of light and have the added benefit of making a loft space feel bigger as well.

This kind of window is usually more expensive to have installed. However, if planning laws allow they tend to be a better solution than skylights.


Sun tubes

A sun tube or solar tube is a potentially good way of introducing more light into a space including a loft conversion. They take up very little space and easily meet the building regulations.

However, you do need to choose wisely and ask the firm that is doing the loft conversion whether it would be a good solution for your loft space. If there are times during the day where you will want the room to be dark, they may not be the right for you.

In most loft spaces, the answer is to use all three or two of the solutions. Your loft conversion firm will be able to provide more insight and guide you on which will work best for your home.







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