Fantastic Winter Wedding Centrepiece Ideas


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There is something extra special about a winter wedding. They have a magical, fairytale feel that is much harder to create in the summer months. The winter months are a fantastic time of the year to get married.

You get the chance to create a beautiful reception experience. Here we are going to consider one particular element, which is creating interesting centrepieces for your winter wedding.


A simple but striking centerpiece

One of our favourite ideas is to spray an interesting branch silver or white and set it an upright position, to look like a small tree. Decorate around the base with red roses, or other brightly coloured flowers, to contrast with the silver or white.

To finish the faux tree off string pearls or glass beads across the branches. A small Manzanita tree works especially well for this type of table display.


Candlelit centerpieces

In the winter, the evening comes early. A great excuse for starting your reception earlier and enjoying more time celebrating with your family and friends.

If your venue allows you to, use candlelight in your table decorations. It looks wonderful on a winter evening. The light cast by the candles adds a magical element to the whole event.

Of course, you can still incorporate flowers into your candlelit table decorations. Cream and white floral arrangements are particularly striking in this kind of light.


Rustic winter wedding centerpieces

If you are holding your reception in a barn wedding venue, such as Heaton House, rustic centrepieces work especially well. With this type of table decoration, you are spoilt for choice.

There is a long list of beautiful materials for you to work with. Wood, burlap, pinecones and berries can all be combined with glass, flowers and glitter to make beautiful table decorations.

You could go for something simple like a box, made out of weathered wood, filled with some winter-themed items. For example, a glass jar with a small piece of burlap topped with bright red winterberries. Create other winter-themed glasses using pinecones, winter nuts, leaves and fake snow. Put these in the box alongside a couple of candles set in glasses to create an interesting rustic table centrepiece.

A large stemmed lager glass filled with berries, candied fruit, hazelnuts and small pinecones looks great. Especially when lit from below by a ring of candles. Set it all up on a low log base that has been sprayed gold or silver for an extra rustic feel.


Festive centerpieces

If you are holding a Christmas wedding, you really should consider opting for a festive centrepiece. Poinsettias make a beautiful floral display when combined with a little glitter, decorative beads and tall slender candles. Add holly, for contrast, and a more festive feel. Baubles arranged in the style of a bouquet also make for a striking Christmas-themed display.


Vintage centerpieces

For most winter weddings, vintage centrepieces are a good option. They feature rich russet colours, which contrast beautifully with the whites, creams and silvers of a winter wedding reception.


Snowflakes and frost

Another simple idea is to set up a group of candles surrounded by silver and white snowflakes. For extra effect, frost the candleholders with a faux snow or glitter edge.

It is also fun to use fake snow for your table centrepieces. You can put it in jars and plant mini silver trees in it, then add other winter items to create interesting winter-themed table decorations. Mix some glitter or beads into the fake snow, for an extra bit of sparkle.

Winter weddings are magical. Especially if you take the opportunity to do something a bit different with the way you decorate your reception venue. Your centrepieces are just the tip of the iceberg, be inspired by the natural beauty of winter and create a great fairytale setting for your guests and you to enjoy.










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