Pom-Pom Wreath Craft Tutorial




This pom-pom wreath craft tutorial has been contributed by EmmaJayne of EmmaJayne-Designs.co.uk. An illustrator, graphic designer and blogger, you can find out more about EmmaJayne here!



4 packs of pom poms
Glue gun
Glue sticks

All the kit was bought from Hobby Craft, which is pretty reasonably priced, with each item being less than £5.



Step 1

To make your wreath, you will first be required to plug in the glue gun. Insert one glue stick and let it warm up for approximately five minutes. Then empty the pom-pom bags while you wait for the glue gun to warm up. Lay these out with the oasis, so that you have everything to hand.




Step 2

Once the glue gun feels warm to touch (which should be after about five minutes), by squeezing the trigger (sounds like we’re using a real gun!), start by adding two drops of glue to each larger pom-pom and place strategically around the oasis.




Step 3

Then, place other larger coloured pom-poms in-between the first set.




Step 4

Once you have glued down the larger sized pom-poms, begin to glue the smaller ones. For each of these, you will only need one drop of glue. Try to fill in the gaps, so that you can’t see the white oasis underneath.




Then, voila! I hung my pom-pom Christmas wreath with lilac ribbon – This colour doesn’t distract you from the bright colours within the wreath. You can use any width, depending on what effect you want to achieve.




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