Hama Bead Snowflakes



Make It Shabby contributor EmmaJayne from EmmaJayne Designs is back!

This week she shares her tutorial for hama bead gift tags – a great idea for gifting presents with, which then double up as tree decorations too!


Materials needed:


Hama beads (3 different colours – I used red, white and pink for this tutorial)

Circular shaped pegboard

Greaseproof paper


Ribbon (approx 10 centimetres)



Step 1

Put one red bead in the centre of the pegboard and 3 white beads around this. You should have a gap in-between each of the white beads.


Step 2

Fill the gaps between each white bead with a pink one.


Step 3

Put 6 red and 6 white beads on the next layer, exactly as you can see in the image below.


Step 4

Form lines with the red beads. You will need 4 beads for each line.


Step 5

Form 3 more lines with the red beads. You should have the same amount of pegs in-between each red line.


Step 6

With the white beads, make a circle. Then add 1 pink bead on the outer-side.


Step 7

Do the same for the rest of the snowflake.



Step 8

Cut a piece of greaseproof paper to fit the size of the whole pegboard, then with a hot iron, first place the greaseproof, then the iron. Press on slightly and move the iron in small circular motions. You should be able to see that each bead is attached to the next one.



Step 9

When you have finished pressing the iron down on the beads, the result should look like this – the beads are joined to one another. Now let it cool.


Step 10
When it has cooled down, pull away the greaseproof paper. Voilá, you now have your finished snowflake tag. In the image below, I have shown 2 more snowflakes which you may like to try.



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