Locked Out Of The House? Here’s What To Do


The worst feeling in the world is coming home after a long day and realising that you forgot to take your keys with you. You are now locked out of your own home, and if all of your family are still at work, you are going to have a long wait unless you try to open the home yourself.


Ask for help

If you live with your family or partner, the first thing you will want to do is ask them if they are able to come over and let you into the house. However this might not always be possible if they are at work or in an important meeting. If this option fails you can also see if your neighbours have a copy of your keys. Many neighbours will look after each others keys so that when one of them goes on the holiday the other can make sure the house is safe or feed the cats. If your neighbour isn’t in or doesn’t have a copy of your keys…


Look for unlocked windows

Ideally you would never leave your windows unlocked when you leave the house, however sometimes we forget things and you could get lucky. If there are no windows open of the ground floor, but there is a bedroom window open, consider whether or not you can safely reach it without hurting yourself. If you can, simply open the window and carefully climb in, just be aware of any furniture which might be underneath.


Credit card

If you want to feel like all those people in the movies, then using your credit card is the next option you have here. This method only works on spring bolts so if you have a deadbolt you are out of luck. To pick a lock using a credit card you need to:

  1. Insert the card in the door just at the point where the latch is
  2. Hold the card and start to wiggle it and push it in.
  3. Bend the card away from the doorknob to try and lever the latch free. It might be worth using a gift card you don’t care about here just in case.


Call a locksmith

When every other option has been tried and failed, you will need to call a Locksmith to let your into your home. Even though you may be in a rush to get inside don’t just pick the first one you can see, you will still want to have a look at quotes to make sure you aren’t being ripped off.

Now that you are finally back in your home, you will want to put measures in place so that this never happens again. The first thing you will want to do is get another set of keys printed and put them somewhere outside, hidden, so that you will be able to use these in the future if it happens again. Think of putting it is your hanging basket or in the back garden if you have access to it.




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