Child Friendly Chic – Making Your Home Safe And Stylish


Children and disarray are a marriage made in heaven.. or hell! This can make keeping your home beautifully tidy a real struggle. But don’t despair, just because you have children you don’t need to forgo your sense of style, you just have to be a little more dedicated to the cause. Here are some ideas.

Save The Sticky Walls

When it comes to reducing the time and stress of cleaning up after the kids, washable paint in eggshell, satin or semigloss will quickly and easily wipe down with soap and a damp cloth, removing any traces of sticky handprints or that morning’s breakfast. Make your child’s room a fun place to make a mess instead of bringing it to the rest of your walls with chalkboard, magnetic, or even dry erase paints which can be purchased at your DIY store reasonably cheaply.

Infant Safe Sofas

Slip-covered or leather furniture are all fantastic options for kitting out your living room. Leather will allow you to wipe clean any accidents or spills and it wears well, even turning into shabby chic with a few creases and tears. If choosing material sofas, opt for one covered in a stain-resistant fabric options or select furniture in darker colours. Dark hues will fare better and show stains less, although of course, you can bleach a white cover.

Toddler Tables

If you ask almost every parent, they will all agree they have experienced that horrifying moment of watching their toddler fall and very nearly hit their heads on the corner of the square coffee table. It’s a heart-stopping moment and although your children will, of course, have trips and slips, consider choosing a round table for your lounge, to encourage a safer environment. You could even decide to do away with the table altogether and have an upholstered ottoman instead or a nest of tables that can be stored safely away when not required.

Dirt Friendly Flooring

We all know that dirt, spilt drinks, dropped food, pet hair and general crumbs and detritus are a massive and prevalent part of a busy family home. The easiest way to deal with it is to go back to basics and install washable flooring instead of carpeting. Laminate or vinyl flooring, even tiles or wood, are all great ways to minimise the time spent cleaning up after these sorts of accidents. Of course, you may prefer the feel of carpet, so instead carpet tiles can be laid allowing you to clean or even replace an individual tile should it get stained.

Lovely Living Space

An excellent option to protect carpets or flooring is rugs. Opt for natural fibres such as seagrass or jute as they are very hardwearing and easy to clean.

Accessories Accessories Accessories

So you have kitted out your home with furniture and flooring that makes life easier but how about the finishing touches. Any cherished collections or fragile pieces should be arranged well out of reach of curious and sometimes clumsy little hands. The more child-friendly options are natural elements such as driftwood pieces, bowls of pinecones or shells and anything chinky and durable such as books, or wooden containers. These will be less likely broken and can allow everyone to relax. You could finish the walls off with a gallery of artwork, theirs and yours!





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