Renovating Your Kitchen in The Rustic Style: Everything You Need To Know


If you have picked up any interior design magazines lately, you will have noticed that the big fashion at the moment is for rustic, yet minimalist style kitchens. However, before you start ripping out your old cabinets, read the post below so you can figure out everything that will be involved in this type of renovation.

Wood and wood finishes are an important part of getting a rustic kitchen right.



Before you can create a new kitchen, you have to have some idea of the sort of thing that you want. That means you will need to design the room.

To do this you can use a mood board, or online pinboard to collect images that are inspiring in terms of texture and color. Remember that for a rustic kitchen the use of wood and wood finishes is most desirable. Stone and terracotta tiles on the floors and wall can also help provide that farmhouse type look, and cabinet doors are often left natural or painted in matt muted colors that are on trend at the moment.

Remember too that it can be incredibly useful to get a professional kitchen designer to help you if you plan to move around the cabinets, sink and white goods. The reason being that these often need to be plumbed in and so can only be situated in certain places in the room.



Once you have your design sorted and you are happy with it, it’s a good idea to take a look at the fiance that you have available for the project. Then compare this with what you estimate it’s going to cost.

Sadly, as this rustic design is so popular, you may find the items are more than you hoped. In particular, stone flooring and work surfaces are not cheap, and they can cause your project to come in at more than you hoped.

To rectify this, you may choose to research online to find the best personal loan company that can lend you the money to complete your project. Another option would be to scale down the finishes on some items in the kitchen so its costs less overall.

It may even be that you have to go back to the drawing board and come up with something that is more economically viable to fit your budget, like swapping out a rustic range cooker for a more typical one, as this can save a lot of money. You just have to weigh up how it affect your design first and whether it is a sacrifice you are willing to make.



Once you have your budget in place, you can get to the nitty-gritty of actually completing the renovation. Unfortunately, kitchen renovations are often some of the most disruptive. This is because they not only produce lots of dust around the rest of the house, but you are also prevented from cooking as you normally would.

To get around this latter issue, it can be useful to grab your microwave and locate it somewhere else in the house. It is also useful to put the freezer in the garage too, so you still have access to this while the work to create your dream rustic kitchen is being carried out.


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