The Secrets to Hiding Your Clutter


Clutter is a problem that affects everyone. Whether you’re a recently new homeowner or if you’ve been living in your house for many years, there’s a good chance that you’ve amassed a lot of random clutter around your home. Perhaps it’s due to overspending in certain periods or maybe it’s because you just don’t have time anymore to clean up your home. Whatever the case, here are a few secrets to help you hide your clutter from sight and to clean up your home.


Organisation is the Best Defence

If you’re willing to stay organized, then you’ll find that it’s actually fairly simple to beat clutter. Organized people hate the idea of loose bits of paper lying around or things being outside of their drawers. If you take yourself for an organized person, then you’ll have a much easier time sorting out different boxes and shelves in order to hide clutter yet still display plenty of your personal effects.


Add Storage Where Possible

Whether it’s a hanging bag behind a seat with a storage chest built inside, there are plenty of ways to add extra storage to your home if you’re willing to invest a little into furniture replacements or renovation. You can even add storage in the form of multi-tiered boxes or wall shelves. The idea is to use up as much empty space as possible while still making your home feel nice and open.


Use External Storage

Consider using a service such as Canning Vale Storage Units to help you locate external storage. You’re going to need a vehicle or someone to drive you to the storage unit with all of your items, but it’s a fantastic way to clear up your home and store belongings that you don’t need away from the house. Just keep in mind that external storage units can vary in price and size, so make sure to read the fine print before you register because they can get quite expensive or even be misused.


Smarter Offices

Home offices can look extremely cluttered if you’re not careful. With all the wires, computers and monitors laying around, it can get dusty and noisy very quickly, so here are a few office decluttering tips:


  • Purchase monitor arms if possible and hook them onto the desk instead of using a traditional monitor stand.
  • Tidy up cables using zip-ties, toilet rolls or even bags so they don’t hang around everywhere.
  • Get an office desk with drawers to store your personal items, papers and so on.
  • Use a monitor riser to get more space on your table.


These are just a few office ideas, but they can be improved on if you’re willing to spend a little time on it.


Some Final Words

As you can see, there are many ways to hide your clutter as long as you’re creative and vigilant about it. Just remember that the earlier you take care of clutter, the easier it is to manage in the future.






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