Four Ways To Get Instant Kerb Appeal


Whether you are looking to move home soon, or simply want to improve the look and feel of your home, then thinking about its kerb appeal is a good way to go. For buyers, the first thing that they will see is the outside of your home. So it can put them in a good mindframe or not, right before they’ve walked in the door. If you are planning to move soon, it can be a good way to make your home more saleable. But if you’re not moving, it can still be worth doing as it will make your home look appealing, and shows that you take care of it. Here are some easy wins to help you improve the kerb appeal of your home.


Change the Front Door

What you decide to do with the front door is completely up to you and what you already have in place. If it is a pretty old and tatty looking door, then replacing it completely could make a difference. If it just needs some TLC, then sanding it down and repainting it could be all that it needs. Make sure that you can see what house number it is from the kerb, and that the trim around the door is looking smart too.


Consider the Garage

If you are lucky enough to have a garage space, then is it getting much care and attention? It can often just be a place that is left to house a care or be used as storage. But if you can see it from the road, then it needs as much care as the front door. If the garage doors are looking are little tatty or faded, then getting some new sectional garage doors could be a good way to go to make it look fresh and more modern. Removing any chipped paint around the frame is a good idea, as well as checking that any outside light is in order.


Use Plants

Having some plants or shrubs to ‘frame’ the front door is a good way to go. It can instantly make the front of the home look prettier and more inviting. If you’re feeling adventurous, you could plant some shrubs yourself, or even get creative with seasonal hanging baskets. You could use the flowerbeds that you already have, or use plant pots to suit your personality. Just make sure that they aren’t the kinds that will fade in the sun, as then they’ll look a little bit tatty.


Replace Exterior Lights

The lights that are on the outside of the home can quickly make the home look either classy or trashy. If they have smashed lanterns, broken bulbs, or are looking a little tatty, then it will make the exterior of your home look a little tatty, especially at night. So if this sounds the lights on your home, then it could be worth looking to replace them. If the whole thing doesn’t need replacing, then get some brighter LED bulbs instead, so that they give maximum brightness; looks good and works as a burglar deterrent.





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