Your Living Room: Make It Modern, Warm and Welcoming


Modern interior design can immediately make people turn away. For some people, modern interiors always seem cold and uninviting. They certainly don’t have to be, though. A modern room can be just as welcoming as a space decorated in any other style. Modern interior design doesn’t have to be confined to a few rules, like monochrome colour schemes or lots of clean and sharp lines. You have a contemporary space that also feels just like home. In fact, modern design is ideal for creating a living room that you will fall in love with. For a modern living room, try some of these ideas.


Let the Light In

Most modern rooms are going to have plenty of light. It’s difficult to make a room like contemporary if it’s too dark and small. Even if you don’t have the largest living room, letting in lots of light helps to make it look bigger. For a modern look, aluminium windows are a stylish option. They often look simple, but they’re also effective. If you’re willing to make some major changes, you might also consider a skylight. It’s an excellent way of getting plenty of light into a room and extending the hours of the day when you have direct sunlight coming into your home.


Keep Things Open

While not everyone has a lot of space in their living room, you can still make it look bigger by avoiding too much clutter. If you have too much furniture or your pieces are too big for the room, your living room is going to look cramped. An open layout is going to offer you more space and lend more of a contemporary style to your living room. Consider how to orient everything too. The direction your furniture is facing in can make a big difference. Does it flow so that your eye is lead through the room?


Mix Modern with Traditional

You don’t have to have every element of your living room super modern. Mixing in some more traditional or vintage elements is a great idea, and you can even give them an update. Take the fireplace for example; a fire is a pretty traditional thing to have, but you have options of how to install one in your living room. You could have a traditional fireplace or wood burning stove, but there’s also the possibility of a more modern gas, electric or biofuel fire with a contemporary style.


Make It Warm and Welcoming

There’s no need for modern interior design to be cold, and your living room should be warm and cosy. If you want a warmer looking space, you might want to avoid a monochrome style. Instead, introduce some brighter colours or perhaps just some warmer natural and neutral ones. Chocolate brown can be just as warm as royal blue. However, if you don’t want to use bright colours, it’s best not to go too overboard. Pick one or two accent colours to mix in with your base shades so you can create a cosy look that’s still up to date.

A contemporary living room might be more you style than a traditional room that’s designed to be timeless. If you’re not sure, don’t dismiss the idea before you’ve explored your options.





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