10 Tips to Keep Your Home Clutter Free


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Keeping your home as clutter free as possible can help clear the mind as well as your surroundings. We have some simple tips that can help you to tackle the clutter even when time is scarce:


Think twice before you buy

The most obvious, but often-times the most difficult tip would be to avoid buying unnecessary things. It’s so easy to walk into a shop and catch your eye on an outfit, magazine, fruit bowl, anything. The harder part is to think to yourself ‘Do I really need it?’ and move on. Unless it’s an item that you feel you urgently need or absolutely love, walk away and think it over first.


Have a regular clear-out

Every three or four months, have a huge clear out and get rid of any unwanted or unneeded belongings. Sort out what you want to throw away, donate, sell, and keep. This is a good one to do before birthdays and Christmas, as it stops you from getting too overwhelmed when you suddenly have a pile of new stuff with no place to go.


Add storage

Invest in suitable storage units. You can buy several different designs, from ones that slide under a bed to footstools that double as toy boxes. If you have a little extra unused room in your wardrobe, take advantage of it. It doesn’t matter whether you’re using it to store beauty supplies or spare bedclothes; use any storage you have available.


Tidy as you go

Even if you have only a few possessions, your home can still look cluttered if it’s a mess. Give everything a place, and keep it organised. You’ll soon see if you have space for everything, and if you don’t, it’s time for a clear out!


Do a little extra

Every day, on top of your usual chores, do one or two extra jobs. It can be anything, from cleaning the oven to organising a drawer. You’ll notice your to-do list shrinking with each passing day without feeling like you’re in a constant rush.


Get into a new bedtime routine

Before you go to bed each night, tie together all the loose ends. Do the dishes, fold the laundry, and wipe down the surfaces. Do everything the night before so that you can begin each new day on a fresh slate.


Out with the old, in with the new

Any time that you do succumb to the desire to buy a new item, throw something else away. For example, if you buy a new bag, get rid of one of your old ones. Sometimes you’ll think twice about buying that new bag if you have to throw out one of your older, more treasured bags.


Never take anything out of its designated room unless absolutely necessary

If you bring a mug of tea out of your kitchen and into your bedroom, you might forget to take it back. Then the mugs will accumulate until you’re left with a stash of mugs that don’t belong, and the hassle of having to move and wash them all at once.


Sort mail as soon as it arrives

If there is junk mail, throw or shred it straight away. Any important letters that you need to keep, file. Don’t put off doing anything that can be done immediately.


Keep a donations box easily accessible

Place a box somewhere you can easily get to it, and every time you see something you want to donate, put it in the box. This way you don’t have to wait until you have a clear out before decluttering.


Even if you only use a couple of these tips your home will look so much less jumbled, creating an environment you can be proud of and happy with. Do you have organisational tips to share? Let us know in the comments below.



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