Children’s Bedrooms: 7 Quick Tips for Smaller Spaces



Children get bigger and as they do so their bedrooms seemingly become smaller. This is a bad thing to cope with at the best of times, but when you have a small room to start off with, it’s a nightmare. While you can’t magically control the room so it expands, you can take certain steps to make the most of what you have.


Stompa Uno Plus High Sleeper - John Lewis
Stompa Uno Plus High Sleeper – John Lewis

Cabin beds

They’re bunk beds without the bottom bunks, some with desks underneath instead, others with nothing. Go even further with a high cabin bed if your child is a little older – allowing you to use the area beneath to fit in a tallboy, a drawer set that doubles up as desk space and some additional wall shelves. Space saving at its finest, they’re perfect for small rooms.


Two for one

Young kids clothing doesn’t take up much room in length, so why waste valuable wardrobe space with only one bar when you can fit in a second below it?


Stay away from darks

When considering a colour scheme, stay away from darker colours as they’ll give a cramped feeling to those who enter. Stick to light, neutral colours for the walls and use accessories to give splashes of colour instead.


Use the corners

If your child requires a desk, go for one that fits in a corner. Corners are often the biggest space waster unless taken advantage of.


Wall shelf - La Redoute
Wall shelf – La Redoute

Rethink the bookcase

Rather than using a bulky bookcase, why not go for shelves around the room instead? You can make the most of the wall, and save the floor space that the case would have taken up. Alternatively, you could also consider wall-hung book racks which won’t protrude into the room as far, saving on the floor space and making it look larger all round.


Let there be light

Be sure to choose a light set of curtains to give the room the most light possible but be sure to opt for blackout lining in order to keep the light summer mornings out.


Add a carpet that catches the eye

Use a bold carpet such as stripes or zigzags to elongate the room and takes people’s minds away from the lack of space.


You’ll be able to create the perfect bedroom for your child, no matter how little space there is. Do you have any tried and tested tips to share? Let us know in the comments below!




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