Simple Recycled Storage Ideas for the Shabby Chic Home

Watering Can and Lavender isolated on white


Shabby chic décor has been around for years and has evolved from its original British style to Swedish, French and American variations. All the same, no matter what variation you choose, there are some must have items that scream shabby chic while at the same time giving you some extra storage space. Here are a few of them:


Old suitcases

You might need to visit your grandparents (or better still your great-grandparents) to get your hands on some worn out suitcases. Try and get suitcases of different sizes then just dust them off and place the items you need to hide away inside them. Once they are heavy enough to keep their balance feel free to use them as coffee tables or stack them together in a manner that draws attention to them.


An antique chest of drawers

There are lots of things you could do with this piece. For one, you could use it as is to give a cosy look to your bedroom in addition to providing you with valuable storage space. Furthermore, if you’re crafty, you could also convert it into a baby cot or even a patio chair with some nice functional drawers.


 An old bookcase

Who said bookcases can only store books? As a matter of fact, that old bookshelf that doesn’t quite blend into your study could be just the thing you need in your bathroom. All you need to do is break it down into individual shelves that you can use to store your towels and toiletries.


Old iron buckets and watering cans

These battered beauties definitely make lovely flower vases that can complement other shabby chic items you have in your home. However, that is not all they are useful for; they can also be used to store firewood as well as books and magazines.


Battered stainless steel cups and jugs

If you have accumulated some of these camping gear that has suffered so that you can have some fun, don’t be in a hurry to throw them out. Instead, use them to store your cutlery thus creating some extra storage space in your kitchen that can be used to store other items that seem to have no place to call home. You can also give the room a decorate touch with a hand-tied posy shown off in them.


Antique wooden crates

With a couple of wooden crates you are presented with endless possibilities when it comes to putting them to good use. They can be converted into bathroom shelves or used without any modifications to store books and shoes.


Have you given something old a new lease of life and added storage to your home at the same time? Let us know what old things you’ve transformed into something new!




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