The Ultimate Guide to De-cluttering in a Hurry


You’ve recently found out that you’re hosting a party or meet up this weekend in your home. The house is a mess, you’ve not got time to hold a big cleaning marathon, your family is nowhere to been seen and it’s left on you to hurriedly organise your home and make it look presentable.

Don’t worry, it is possible. Here’s how…


Ceramic Notepad by Helen Johannessen - Mollie & Fred
Ceramic Notepad by Helen Johannessen – Mollie & Fred

Write up a list

You may think that it’s an unnecessary job as you have so much else do to, but by writing a list of all the tasks that need to be accomplished, you’ll feel calmer and will be able to put the cleaning into perspective. Write down all the rooms that need to be tidied, along with any storage or wardrobes within those rooms. Having it all written on paper will give you something to visualise and prevent you from becoming overwhelmed.


Housekeeping Box - BHS
Housekeeping Box – BHS

Start from the worst

If you have one particular room that is in dire need of organising, begin from here. You’ll feel more enthusiastic once you’ve got the foulest chore out of the way, and you’ll also be less inclined to skip steps.


Water Hyacinth Set of 3 Baskets - The Cotswold Company
Water Hyacinth Set of 3 Baskets – The Cotswold Company

Have three boxes

Mark one box as ‘Rubbish,’ the second as ‘Charity,’ and the third as ‘Storage.’ Anything that is useless, throw away. Anything that is in decent condition but of no use to you, give to charity. And anything that you want to keep but don’t have a place for just yet, put into the storage box. You can then find a place for it as you go, or put it in the attic or cellar when the tidying is complete.


Tea Break Timer - Liberty of London
Tea Break Timer – Liberty of London

Set a timer

Set an alarm and see how much you can do before it goes off. You’ll be amazed at how much you can accomplish in twenty minutes, or even in five, when you don’t give a chance for procrastination to take over.


Hand carved wooden heart bookends - Debenhams
Hand carved wooden heart bookends – Debenhams

Focus on one area at a time

Rather than doing an entire room and rushing around it, split it into sections and tackle them one by one. It doesn’t matter whether you separate it into larger segments like a bookcase and wardrobe, or smaller ones like a shelf or drawer at a time.


Linea Tan Leather Desk Organiser

Get rid or file

You will likely come across several dozen pieces of paper as you de-clutter. You need to either file them into a binder or cabinet, or get rid of them completely. Is it crucial that you keep it or is it just taking up valuable room?


If you keep your goal in mind you’ll find that decluttering in a dash isn’t as painful as you originally thought. Take a breath, grab some rubbish bags, and begin.




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