Knitted Cowl Pattern



The secret to keeping warm is lots of layers, so layer up with our wonderfully warm cowl knitting pattern.



Pair of 8mm circular needles

Stitch markers

Chunky yarn – For example Sirdar Big Softie x 4 (200g of yarn)


Darning needle



K = Knit

P = Purl

M1 = Make 1 stitch



Cast on 92

Join in the round and place a stitch marker at join.

Be careful not to twist.

K2, P2 (Ribbing)

Continue in rib until piece measures 12 inches.

Next Row – K1, M1, K1, P1, M1, P1 to end

K3, P3 until piece measures 15 inches.

Add more or less in terms of measurement depending on how long/short you want the cowl to be.

Cast off in Rib.

Weave in loose ends.

Keep warm!


red scarf 2Thanks to Louise from the Make It Shabby team for this pattern.


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