Repurposing Your Shed for the 21st Century


Sheds today are used for more than just garden storage. In fact, sheds are now more likely to have Wi-Fi access than a wheelbarrow, with many people using the, for hobbies or work as opposed to gardening.

The flexibility of working from home over the past decade has seen a steep rise in home owners repurposing their garden shed as an office, a place where they can concentrate away from the hustle and bustle of the main house.

Many also choose to repurpose their garden shed for hobbies such as painting or working out, while some choose to create a relaxing space in which to relax and unwind. So how do you repurpose your garden shed for the 21st Century?

Garden specialists Oeco Garden Rooms has put together this handy guide on how to turn your old garden shed into an effective space for the future.


Repair any issues first

If the garden shed has been sitting unused or unloved for some time, the first thing to do is repair any issues that the structure might have. This include fixing leaky roofs, wood rot, broken windows or uneven floor boards.

Starting off with a solid structure will make the rest of the build run more smoothly and cause less headaches in the future.

These types of repairs are things you can do yourself, but if you feel more comfortable hiring someone these repairs are relatively cheap to rectify.


Thermal Insulation

Thermal insulation is a great idea to install in your shed, especially if it is to be used all year round. This specially designed insulation keeps the structure cool in the summer and warm in the winter, it also makes the building more energy efficient, saving you money on heating the shed in the winter months.

For more information thermal insulation and how it works check out the Oeco Garden Rooms website.


Painting the shed

After the shed has been repaired and is water tight you can paint it to give the structure an updated look. Painting the exterior of the shed a bright colour will make it stand out and create a focal point in the garden, while painting it a darker colour will make it blend into its surroundings and help the foliage take centre stage.

Treat the inside of the shed as another living space; neutral or muted colours are perfect for creating a relaxed environment, while bright and bold colours can help alertness and concentration levels.


Install PVC-U Doors and Windows

Fitting PVC-U windows and doors in the shed helps to keep it cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Patio doors in particular can improve access to and from the garden and allows plenty of natural light to enter the building.

PVC-U windows and doors are also manufactured to the highest level of security, meaning that you can be safe in the knowledge that your possessions are protected.


Run Electricity

If you haven’t already, add electricity to your shed as this means that you can get a lot more use out of it. Whether you want a place to store a spare freezer, work on projects with power tools or create a cinema room, the possibilities are endless.

Running electricity from the main house to a shed is a job for a fully trained electrician, do not try to do this yourself.


Adding Storage and Countertops

Adding storage and countertops to the shed will allow it to be used for a multitude of purposes from a home office to a relaxing hideaway. Storage cabinets and desks can be bought readymade, making installation a breeze, or you could choose to make your own storage exactly to your needs – the sky’s the limit!

Whatever you decide to use your shed for, make sure it feels like an actual room and an extension of your home, this will ensure that you are more likely to use it regularly. Little things like adding a rug or putting up some artwork can go a long way to making the space feel more homely.

With a bit of time and little money, you too can update your garden shed to meet your requirements. Best of all, the majority of the tasks can be done by you and on a budget, so what will you turn your old shed into?




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